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Swift-Add a filter effect to a picture (sepia old photo filter, black and white filter)

The Core image is a powerful filter processing framework. In addition to the image can directly add a variety of built-in filters, but also to accurately modify the brightness, color, exposure, and so on, the following two examples show how to add a filter to UIImage.1, Sepia filter-CisepiatoneThis is a bit retro old photo yellow effect (above one is the original image).to extend the UIImage class, add a tan filter: 1234567891011121314151

MATLAB Practice Program (Sepia tone Filter)

I have a software on my phone to implement a lot of image filters, very interesting, I intend to try.This filter is mainly for old photo effects.The code is short, and I won't go into it in detail.Original:Post-processing effects:The MATLAB code is as follows:Clear All;close all;clc;img=imread ('lena_rgb.jpg'); [H W K]=size (IMG); Imshow (IMG); R=double (IMG (:,:,1)); G=double (IMG (:,:,2)); B=double (IMG (:,:,3) ); RR=r*0.393+g*0.769+b*0.198; RG=r*0.349+g*0.686+b*0.168; RB=r*0.272+g*0.534+b*0.1

Android camera (II): Camera working principle, s5pv310 camera interface (camif)

Keywords:Camif parameter of the android camera CMM ModulePlatform information:Kernel:LinuxSystem:Android Platform:S5pv310 (Samsung exynos 4210) Author: xubin341719 (You are welcome to reprint it. Please note the author) Android camera (1): CMM introduction to the camera Module Android camera (II):

Android Camera (ii): Camera operating principle, s5pv310 camera interface (CAMIF)

First, the camera working principleIn the previous article we talked about the composition of the camera module, working principle, as a kind of understanding. Let's analyze how the camera works from the register angle. How to read the camera spec (use key parameters for driver tuning, take GT2005 as an example).The sp

Fun Android Camera Development (III): First release in China --- use GLSurfaceView to preview the basic Camera demo of Camera

GLSurfaceView is a class in OpenGL and can also be used to preview Camera. It is unique in previewing Camera. Where is the uniqueness? When Surfaceview is powerless and hard to solve, GLSurfaceView can only be used. It can truly separate the data and display of Camera, for example, Camera only enables preview and does

How to enable Win10 camera, where is Win10 camera, and win10 camera

How to enable Win10 camera, where is Win10 camera, and win10 camera Are you still not familiar with the new win10 system? Many new win10 users do not know how to enable the camera of win10. Let's take a look at how to enable the Win10 camera. First, click the Windows icon

Camera Calibration Matlab Tool Kit Camera calibration Toolbox for matlab_ camera calibration

Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab This was a release of the Camera calibration Toolbox for matlab®with a complete documentation. This document may also is used as a tutorial on camera calibration Since it includes general information about calibration , references and RELATED links. Please have the bugs/questions/suggestions to jean-yves Bouguet at "jbougu

Android camera transitions from camera HAL1 to camera HAL3

This article is the source of their own reading a bit summary, transfer Please specify the source thank you.Welcome to communicate with you. qq:1037701636 Email:gzzaigcn2[email protected]Software: System Source Android5.11. Historical progress of the camera module version number in Android system/** * All module versions From the definition of the camera version above, Android divides the entire

Android example tutorial on using the camera class to write a mobile phone camera app _android

Camera is the camera class for Android camera hardware, located under the hardware package "Android.hardware.Camera". It is mainly used for camera capture pictures, start/stop preview pictures, take photos, get video frames, etc., it is the local service, responsible for managing the

Go to Android Camera Development (2): Use TextureView and SurfaceTexture to preview the basic Camera demo of Camera

Google has output TextureView from Android4.0. Why? This is to make up for Surfaceview's shortcomings. On the other hand, it is also to balance GlSurfaceView. Of course, this is my speculation. The relationships between TextureView, Surfaceview, SurfaceTexture, and GLSurfaceView will be analyzed after the artist launches GLSurfaceview preview Camera. This article describes how to preview Camera with Texture

Android development and learning-Camera functions in Camera mode (2)-Camera function configuration

The simple project we implemented in the previous article, and now we continue to add features for this camera. First, in Camera, we can perform simple control over the Camera. When we need to configure more functions, we need to use the Parameters class under Camera. The Parameters class encapsulates most of the funct

Android Camera Camera Camera

A. Camera start1. An activity initiates the calling process:OnCreate ()-->onstart ()-->onresume ()OnCreate ():1. You can add the required layout files, draw the interface.2. Open the thread, start the hardware camera, call Cameraholder.instance (). Open () to get a Android.hardwarecamera instance Mcameradevice Ensurecameradevice ()-->cameraholder.instance (). Open ()-->mcameradevice.getparameters (); Make

How to open the Win8 camera and set the Win8 camera method

Win8 is currently the latest computer operating system, many new computers have started to use the latest WIN8 system, and many Win7 users have also been upgraded, with WIN8 market share continues to improve. With a lot of problems, many netizens Win8 camera how to open. We used to be able to find a camera shortcut on my Computer in the XP system to quickly turn on the computer

Create different camera modes in the 3D world-create a camera fly-in effect

2.7 create a question about the camera's flying Effect You want to smoothly move the camera from one position to another, and also make the camera's observation target move smoothly. Specifically, you want a feature that allows the camera to start and end along a smooth curve. This movement process should be smooth. After the process ends, you want the camera to

Controlling the camera control camera

Directly controlling a device camera requires a lot more code than requesting pictures or videos from existing Camera applications. however, if you want to build a specialized camera application or something fully integrated in your app UI, the camera object Getting an instance ofCame

Network Camera VS traditional analog camera

A simulated camera and a Network Camera seem to be a pair of friends in monitoring, often because you don't have me, I don't have you. Because of this, many users do not know whether to choose a simulated camera or a Network Camera when installing the monitoring system. In the monitoring market, network monitoring has

The camera does not start, please open the camera How to solve the permissions? US camera can't use

1. If we click the "Do not allow" button when we first use us to make a photo album. 2. Then we will be prompted to "not start the camera" error message when we use the album. 3. Solution We click "Set" in the Apple phone to enter. 4. Then click on the "Privacy" column, as shown in the picture. 5. Then in the open privacy interface we find "Camera" and then click on it to enter. 6. Now we fin

How to use a digital camera as a camera)

Preface Many of my friends thought this was okay before they bought a digital camera? You can even watch audio animation. You can use it as a camera. It must be easy to use as a camera! However, when you try to connect the camera with a USB cable, the DC vendor will be scolded for the virus. The

Android Camera (quad): Camera driver GT2005

Camera Main parameters:1, MCLK 24MHz;2, PCLK 48~52mhz~;3, Voltage 1.8V (1.5V), 2.8V;4, SCL (IIC clock) 100KHz or 400KHz.Download: Common camera Spec book (individual with Android driver) : bf3703 30W, gc0308 30W, ov7670, gt2005 200W, gt2015 200W, NT99250 200W, S5k5ba 200W, S5k4ba First, the camera driverLet's take GT2005 as an example to tell a

Canon 600D camera performance and Nikon D5100 camera performance Comparison detailed

Give the photographer a detailed analysis of the performance of the Canon 600D camera and the performance comparison of the Nikon D5100 camera. Analytical sharing: Canon 600D and Nikon D5100 these two cameras are similar in performance, and are entry-level SLR cameras. On the feel above, Nikon D5100 better, in imaging above, Canon 600D camera compared to meat.

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