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Moving Average algorithm formula

Ma/sma/dma/ema moving Average algorithm Formula 1, simple moving average MA usage: MA (x,n): X's N-day simple moving Average algorithm (X1+X2+X3+...+XN)/n2, moving average SMA usage: SMA (X,N,M), N-day moving average for x, m/ N is the weight given

Research and development of high-frequency trading algorithm--moving average algorithm

Today, consider the application of the common EMA algorithm. In various trading software, we can often see MA indicator,EMA indicator and SMA indicator. First explain SMA Two semantics, if you are directly searching for SMA indicators in Baidu,

Algorithm (3) Moving average algorithm moving average

The moving average typically processes time series data and what is a data series. The so-called data series refers to the data is very close to the time, such as stock data, the price of each stock according to seconds, minutes, hours, days change

Digital signal processing 1-moving Average Filter

Most of the understanding of the filter, just think that the filter is to separate the signal, such as filtering the signal in the low-frequency or high-frequency components, in fact, this understanding is narrow, in general, the filter in addition

C Language Algorithm for Digital Filter Based on moving average method against pulse interference and Its Implementation

In many data collection systems, there are many on-site strong electrical equipment, which is inevitable. The ground will produce sharp pulse interference, which generally lasts for a short period of time and has a large peak value. When performing

Algorithm of average filtering of "lower computer Software"

In 10 kinds of classical software filtering algorithms, we can see that many algorithms are the average filter algorithm variant, in fact, the most commonly used is also the average filter algorithm. But the traditional average filter algorithm is

A survey of the algorithm of moving target detection and tracking algorithms __

Image preprocessing Several typical noises in digital images are: The Gaussian noise originates from the noise of the electronic circuit and the sensor noise caused by low illumination or high temperature, and the noise of salt and pepper is similar

A survey of moving target tracking algorithms

A survey of moving target tracking algorithms Moving target tracking is an indispensable link in video surveillance system. In certain scenes, some classical algorithms can achieve better target tracking effect. This paper introduces the general

Algorithm series--sorting algorithm summarizing __ sorting algorithm

Sort Categories sort by whether in memory Depending on whether the records to be sorted in the sort process are all placed in memory, the sort is divided into: inner and outer sort. For internal sorting, the performance of the sorting algorithm is

Summary and improvement of AI algorithm in game

Reference article:Http:// Definition of artificial

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