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Xilinx solution in Linux

Linux Xilinx solution-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Xilinx is used for recent logic tests. I am using Xilinx ISE 8.2i, which requires windows NT/XP, or

Using XILINX and ModelSim in LINUX and how to set PCMCIA to serial port card

Use XILINX and ModelSim in LINUX and set the PCMCIA to serial port card-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For more information, see the following. This document is mainly based on how to use XILINX in gentoo-wiki. I have made some modificatio

Xilinx FPGA learning notes 1-chipscope cannot observe the signal BUFG, xilinx-chipscope

Xilinx FPGA learning notes 1-chipscope cannot observe the signal BUFG, xilinx-chipscope Today, I started to try to use chipscope and wrote a simple routine of the Water lamp. There was no problem when I started the Integrated Wiring. However, after chipscope was added, an error was always reported. First case: Using chipscope cannot directly observe the global clock signal, that is, the BUFG signal ----- X

Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 10.04 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1

Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 9.10 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1 (I have already tried it on Ubuntu. It will be OK if I make some changes) Keys about installing and using Xilinx ise ds 10.1 SP3 at Linux platform Xupv2p of Xilinx is an FPGA development board integrated with ppc405 hard core. It can be used f

Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 9.10 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1

Copyright. For more information, see the original article link and author. Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 9.10 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1 Keys about installing and using Xilinx ise ds 10.1 SP3 at Linux platform Xupv2p of Xilinx is an FPGA development board integrated with ppc405 hard core. It can be used for

How to add Xilinx/Altera library in Modelsim

Currently, many people install Xilinx and Modelsim separately. Therefore, when using simulation libraries of chip manufacturers such as Xilinx or Altera, libraries cannot be found; because Modelsim does not own the simulation libraries of FPGA manufacturers, you must manually compile these libraries. Below I will introduce three methods to increase the library problem of

Ubuntu under Xilinx Platform Cable usb/altera usb-blaster/seed XDS-560

Under non-root permissions to run the IDE, such as VIVADO/QUARTUS/CCS, need to use JTAG when the issue of permissions, almost all USB debugging devices under Linux will encounter this problem. Here is an example of how to solve this problem with Xilinx Platform Cable USB.After plugging in the USB, view the deviceLsusb001 006View permissions for this devicels -l/dev/bus/usb/001/006CRW11895 24 :/dev/bus/usb

FPGA development All-in---FPGA development and Xilinx series

operation functions. The typical PLD is composed of "and", "non" array, with "and or" expression to implement any combination logic, so PLD can complete a large number of logical combinations in product and form.The 3rd stage Xilinx and Altera respectively introduced the standard gate array similar to the FPGA and similar to the PAL structure of the extended CPLD, improve the speed of the logic, with the architecture and Logic unit flexible, high int

Joint use of xilinx_ise and Modelsim/issues encountered while booting Modelsim from Xilinx ISE 14.7

Workaround: The premise is that Xilinx ise14.7 and Modelsim se 10.1a are installed 1〉 from Start menu in Windows, Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7-〉edk-〉tools-〉compile Simulation Libraries Follow the prompts to compile the library, compiled library output directory is: D:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\EDK, compile takes a certain amount of time. 2〉 from the Process menu, selec

How to select the Xilinx Qaq Operating System

Recently, I participated in the maxim DIY design competition hosted by eefoucs. I was lucky enough to be shortlisted and will soon be awarded a Zed Development Board. The Q series FPGA has already been expected to be available, and finally we can have a Development Board. I consulted Avnet's Fae in the early stage to get the Mass Production News of the Q series and obtained a preliminary offer. However, the quotation is not reliable and the price is too expensive, at least exceeding our expectat

MiS603 Development Board 1.3 Xilinx Library compilation and its federated Modelsim

MiS603 Development Team Date: 20150911 Company: Nanjing mi Lian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Forum: www.osrc.cn Website: www.milinker.com Shop: http://osrc.taobao.com Eat blog: http://blog.chinaaet.com/whilebreak Blog Park: http://www.cnblogs.com/milinker/ 1.3 Xilinx Library compilation and its combined ModelsimXilinx Library compilation is simply the generation of Modelsim can recognize the unit, for simulation, including pre-and post-imitation, t

Reproduced the basic logic unit comparison of Xilinx and Altera FPGAs

Tribute to the originalHttp://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6276db0e0101ary8.htmlTo compare Xilinx and Altera FPGAs, it is necessary to understand the structure of two giant FPGA, because of their respective interests, the two FPGA structure is different, the parameters are different, but can be unified to the LUT (look-up-table) lookup table.Take the example of Altera's Cyclone II series Ep2c35, as well as the xc3s500e of the

Xilinx-based Synthesize

Xilinx-based Synthesize The so-called synthesis means to translate design inputs such as the HDL language and schematic diagram into logical connections (I .e., network tables) between logical units registered with, or, non-users and RAM and triggers ). Optimize the logical connection generated based on the target and requirement (constraints.ISE-XST XST is a comprehensive tool developed by Xilinx. We can

Compare traditional Xilinx amp scenarios and Openamp scenarios-xapp1078 and ug1186

scheme. The Master Linux CPU core uses the Remoteproc API to control the lifecycle of the remote kernel (life cycle management LCM), assigning system resources to remote processor and creating virtio devices. Communication between software running on different CPU cores is implemented through the Rpmsg API.Key processes for this scenario:(1) Design Bare-metal.elf program based on Remoteproc and rpmsg.(2) Bare-metal.elf is added to the Petalinux proje

Xilinx FPGA high-speed serial transceiver Introduction

of the signal, keeping the low-frequency signal, to compensate the transmission line attenuation of the signal, improve the performance of the eye graph and guarantee the transmission quality.3 Xilinx FPGA Transceivers3.1 system ArchitectureThe 7 Series FPGAs GTX and GTH transceivers is power-efficient transceivers, supporting line rates from $ MB/s to 12.5 GB/s for GTX transceivers and 13.1 Gb/s for GTH transceivers. Four Gtxe2_channel Primitives an

Modelsim simulation xilinx IP DCM

DCM is a digital clock management unit that is frequently used in xilinx devices. It can be used for frequency division and frequency doubling. The basis of the experiment for ip Simulation is that all xilinx libraries have been added to modelsim, and the method is not described here. 1. Create a folder to save the source code Dcm. v is the top-level file. My_dcm is an instance of the IP address of dc

"Xilinx-petalinux Learning"-00-start

Based on their own ZYNQ board, in the above run Petalinux, has been stabilized, after detailed records.Now features: Qspi boot U-boot and KERNEL,VDMA, TPG, OSD, VTC and other IP modules under Linux drive,Next: Initialize disk space on eMMC, kernel on eMMC, OpenCV porting, display cache output implementation, QT portingFinal goal: Dual-core processor one core running Linux, a nuclear bare run or run Ucos, th

Xilinx ise_14.7 for Win 8/10

Xilinx ISE 14.7 for WIN8/10[Problem description]:Under Win10, open a 64bit Ise Design Suite and create a new project with a flashback, but with 32bit turned on the problem does not occur[Workaround]:Fixing Project Navigator, IMPACT and License Manager: Open Directory: C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64 Rename LibPortability.dll to LibPortability.dll.orig Copy libPortabilityNOSH.dll, rename

Modelsim another way to compile Xilinx device libraries (save time)

I used to compile the device library with Modelsim for Xilinx, and it was very convenient and simple to compile the device library directly in the ISE, which was a bit of a long time. Since the last time, in their own computer installed mathtype,360 antivirus software will it as a Trojan. I thought it was 360 false positives, and the 360 security guards were shut down directly. Later, the software on the computer one after another, the problem is that

Reference design resources of Altera and Xilinx

Design Example of Altera: http://www.altera.com.cn/support/examples/exm-index.html Reference Design of Altera: http://www.altera.com.cn/support/refdesigns/ref-index.jsp Altera White Paper: http://www.altera.com.cn/literature/lit-wp.jsp Altera application manual: http://www.altera.com.cn/literature/lit-an.jsp Altera User Guide: http://www.altera.com.cn/literature/lit-ug.jsp Altera document Portal: http://www.altera.com.cn/literature/lit-index.html. here you can view the data manual by device

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