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Now write PHP, you should know these

First of all you should be in PHP 5.3 above version, if PHP version is under this, it is time to upgrade. I suggest that if you have the conditions, you'd better use the latest version. You should have seen PHP right Way, this article contains a

Creating an Atlas application with data binding and templates

Program | create | template | data First, Introduction This article will show you how to implement data binding and templates using Microsoft's new Web development Technology (code named Atlas). If you already understand what Atlas is, its main

Implementation using Aliyun ACE Caching service in Laravel framework

This article introduces the implementation of the Laravel framework using the Aliyun ACE Caching service, this article expands an ACE cache driver to use the Aliyun Ace Caching service, the need for friends can refer to the Before I wrote an

The AutoLoad of PHP basics

PHP automatic loading autoload mechanism is very important, here do 2 small exercises   original articles, reproduced please note: Http://   file structure as follows, 2 ways to implement automatic loading   1, custom functions

ExtJs2.0 Learning Series (a)--ext.tabpanel the second type

The last one we have a simple understanding of the next TabPanel Below we want to introduce is, how to add the tab page dynamically! 2. Dynamically add a TabPanel label page Effect Chart: Clicking on "Add new tab" will add a tab and activate the

Unserialize and AutoLoad

Whenever a qualified PHP programmer, you should know Unserialize and autoload, but to talk about the relationship between the two, I am afraid that there are not many people. For example, suppose that we can get a third party serialization data,

Analysis of PHP plugin htmlpurifier HTML parser

This article is the PHP plug-in htmlpurifier HTML parser for a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to refer to the Use of Htmlpurifier Plug-insDownload Htmlpurifier PluginThe useful part of the Htmlpurifier plugin is the

Speed up the load on the page: Asynchronous module Loader in.js

Article Introduction: use in.js granular to manage and load your JavaScript modules. In the past year, both at home and abroad are very enthusiastic about the research of asynchronous loading, in order to speed up the loading speed of the

Ext2.0 upgrade to Ext2.1 Ext.panel Ajax loading method autoload parameter usage changes

Ext2.0.2 upgrade to 2.1, development should also keep pace with the times. Although this directly replaces 2.0.2, it is a minor problem. The ExtJs panel's remote page loading is a very good feature, and some of the previous calling codes failed to

PHP AutoLoad: Solve PHP in the

Recently, in the project found that the PHP __autoload method is invalid. Debugging for a long time, baffled, check the data to know that the original is Smarty reasons. The new Smarty changed the way the autoload. The solution is to add a piece of

Unserialize and AutoLoad

PHP programmer who should know that unserialize and AutoLoad , but to talk about the relationship between the two, I'm afraid there are not many people to be sure. For example, suppose we can get a third party serialization data, but there

PHP Auto Load Class

Many developers write object-oriented applications, creating a PHP source file for each class definition. A big annoyance is having to write a long list of included files at the beginning of each script (one file per class). In a software

PHP Yii Framework Source Reading (ii) overall implementation process analysis

A procedure entrance run (); The require_once ($YII) statement contains the yii.php file, which is a yii bootstrap file that contains the base class for Yiibase, and Yii fully inherits the Yiibase * @link *

PHP Tutorial: AutoLoad Auto Load Class

when developing a system using the OO pattern in PHP, it is often customary to store implementations of each class in a separate file, which makes it easy to reuse classes and facilitates future maintenance. This is also one of the basic ideas of OO

Step-by-Step PHP Framework (iv)

In the last article I raised a question, how to implement automatic loading a class? In fact, PHP already has the appropriate mechanism to implement this function, the mechanism is autoload, it will be invoked when attempting to use a class that

Methods for automatic loading of PHP classes

Before PHP5, each PHP framework, if you want to implement the automatic loading of classes, is generally a kind of convention to implement a traversal directory, automatically load all the files that meet the Convention rules of the class or

Build Your own PHP framework

First, let's say, why do we have to create our own framework? Why create your own framework? If you talk to people around you, everyone will tell you it's a bad thing to reinvent the wheel, you'd better choose an existing frame and forget to

PHP AutoLoad and include performance comparisons

Since PHP5, the authorities have greatly enriched the object-oriented support, with one important change: the introduction of the __autoload () function, which no longer requires a stack of require or include in the header of the PHP script, as the

PHP Auto load autoload Mechanism sample sharing

  This article mainly introduces the PHP automatic loading autoload Mechanism example, the file structure as follows, 2 ways to achieve automatic loading, the need for friends can refer to the following 1, custom functions 2,spl_autoload_register

Examples of PHP classes and object functions

1. Interface_exists, Class_exists, Method_exists and property_exists:         As the name suggests, From the name of the above several functions can guess a few of their functions. I think that's why I love this programming language more and more as

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