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How to use eclipse PDT to debug a PHP program

This article is mainly about how to debug the PHP code with eclipse PDT.1. Download eclipse, find it from the official web, and verify that the current system has a Java environment, the JDK and the JRE.2. Install PDT, using the online installation,

PHP Environment Configuration and Debugging configuration method

I'm going to learn PHP today, and I'm using eclipse as I know it. For the configuration of the PHP environment and debugging configuration, I spent a lot of effort to study Kazakhstan, the following is sorted out the method: 1. Install and

Correcting errors in PHP applications with Xdebug

Introduction: The Xdebug extension of PHP can help you dissect your application to find out why when a program is in error or fails. Learn how to use Xdebug to track call stacks, analyze memory usage, and view the contents of parameters and

Five easy HTML editors for Linux

Quanta Plus The original name Quanta is a web integrated development environment (IDE) that can be used in HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, and other xml-based languages or scripting languages. Quanta Plus is a KDE software that is included in the

PHP compilation Options Description (1)

On the detail options, in addition to the above installation brief, you can add additional options at compile time.Apache ModuleSyntax:--with-apache=dirDescription: Use this option to allow PHP to use the Apache module mode, DIR string can

Web development with Eclipse Europa, part 2nd

As a Web developer, Eclipse is a single integrated development environment (IDE) that can improve productivity, regardless of the technology mix you want to use. In part 1th of the three-part series, "Web Development with Eclipse Europa," you

Configuration of Zend Studio 6.1.2 under Fedora

Zend Studio is a very powerful tool for our phper, and he can often make our work more inefficient, today to record the daily use of very useful configuration, to help more phper improve the efficiency of the work. 1, configure the server. If we

Web development with Eclipse Europa, part 3rd

Web development with Eclipse Europa, part 3rd-Ruby Development Toolkit and Radrails In part 1th of the three-part series "Web Development with Eclipse Europa", which describes how to implement web development in Java™, PHP, and Ruby languages

12 great PHP resources and tools

This article describes 12 great PHP resources and tools, including development frameworks, development tools, debuggers, and more. 1. Cake Cake is a rapid development framework that utilizes well-known design patterns such as ActiveRecord,

8 Alternative dreamweaver free open source web development tools

Adobe Dreamweaver is very handy, but it's not the only web development integration environment that can design, develop, and publish a wonderful web site. There are many excellent web development tools in our open source world that can completely

Installation of Xdebug

Xdebug is an open source PHP debugger that is loaded and used as a PHP module. Under Windows platform: First, install Xdebug module 1, to download the corresponding version of PHP module files, save the downloaded file to the PHP

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