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Tomcat DBCP Configuration method

This paper takes the tomcat5.0 and Informix databases as examples to describe the configuration of Tomcat single Jndi data sources and multiple data sources. One, tomcat configuration a Jndi data source method The first step: in the C: "Tomcat 5.0"

How to correctly configure the WPS v6.12 Cluster application system based on Informix database

Introduction Based on SOA and implementing various industry-standard WebSphere Process Server (hereinafter called WPS), it is primarily used to automate business processes for people, workflows, applications, systems, platforms, and architectures.

INFORMIX/4GL database Search inside the screen-making program flexible technology

INFORMIX-4GL is a comprehensive fourth generation application development and generation environment, it has the formidable database management function, the programming is nimble and convenient, the interface is friendly, has been widely used in

MySQL Postgressql and other database large evaluation

mysql| Data | database sequence With the development of Internet and the activity of free software software, more and more people begin to apply various databases to their own network applications. Thus, a variety of database systems appear on the

Organize tables reasonably in Informix online on Unix

As we all know, the database is composed of tables, in practical use, the table is dynamic, and some tables are growing quickly. When a table in the Dbspace has more than 8 staggered intervals, it will affect its access efficiency, with the further

JDBC Connection Database Experience Collection

Connecting to a database Java database connection (JDBC) consists of a set of classes and interfaces written in the Java programming language. JDBC provides tools/database developers with a standard API that enables them to write database

Introduction to stored procedures and use of asp+ stored procedures

First, introduce what is stored procedure A stored procedure is a program that is written using the Tranact-sql language provided by SQL Server. The Tranact-sql language is the language that SQL Server provides specifically for designing database

Understand the system structure of Informix correctly

The Informix Dynamic server employs a multiple-threaded architecture, which means that a process can accomplish multiple tasks at the same time using multiple threads of its own, so that the entire system requires fewer processes to complete the

Getting started with JSP programming instance code for various database connections

js| Programming | data | database | database connection Now have a lot of novice JSP users will often ask the database how to connect ah, how old mistakes ah? So I concentrated in this write an article for your reference, in fact, this database

Sybase application Example: Portuguese Telecel Mobile Telecom Co., ltd

Business challenge: To become a leader in Portuguese mobile communications by improving customer service and innovation. Establish a data warehouse to understand the business situation in detail, know what customers are interested in, what they are

A mass deletion of the temporary table sh for Informix

#!/bin/csh if($#argv!=1 then echo"[dbname]"; exit(0); elseif($#argv==1 then setdbname="$argv[1]"; endif rmdeltmp*.sql echo"nowloadtmptabletodeltmp.sql" dbaccess$dbname unloadto"deltmp.sql" selecttabnamefromsystableswheretabnamelike"

IBM Informix 11 is competing with Oracle 11g

Following Oracle's release of the new database software 11g last month, IBM also today released the database software Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11, code-named Cheetah, Microsoft SQL The server is also expected to launch a new version early next

How to install the Informix Online for Linux

1. Create Informix user group and Informix user Home=/usr/informix 2. Add the password to Informix 3, the deployment of Informix installation files: rpm-i******************.rpm (a total of three) 4, modify the root profile, increase Informixdir=/

Informix Space Management

Talking about the database can not say that the database storage, said that storage can not help but say that the database management of space. Here we mainly talk about the problem of the management of the space of IDs. In physical terms, the main

Simple data Import Export command in Informix SH program

Informix database with two commands: Load and unload We can according to facilitate the preparation of SH program data import and export, the following two sections of the SH program in Redhat Linux as 4 test pass, should be suitable for most

JSP connection all kinds of database Daquan (next)

js| Data | Database Four, JSP connection Informix database testinformix.jsp is as follows: String url = "Jdbc:informix-sqli://; User=testuser;password=testpassword "; //testdb for your

Speed up JSP Access database in JDBC design

js| Access | design | data | database Previously, we have mentioned that JSP programs are modules and have powerful expression-request (presentation-request) capabilities. Creating a perfect database access is a challenging process, and the JDBC

Informix SQL Usage Tips

Speed up the execution of SQL Use sort, or join in a statement If you have a sort and join operation, you can select the data into a temporary table before processing the temporary table. Because temporary tables are built in memory, they

Design efficient and reasonable MySQL query statement

From the application examples of most systems, query operation occupies the most proportion in various database operations, and the SELECT statement based on query operation is the most expensive statement in SQL statement. For example, if the

How to optimize the database by mass data

Database System is the core of MIS, and online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical Processing (OLAP) based on database is one of the most important computer applications in banks, enterprises and government departments. From the

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