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With the rapid development of cloud computing, "cloud" technology in the Internet to promote the use of the concept of cloud host is also hot up, more and more IDC companies to provide users with cloud hosting services. Vigorous publicity, so that users in the server rental, server hosting, cloud host business, users how to choose the appropriate enterprise development needs of products, became a problem?

This paper analyzes some differences of cloud host, server lease and server hosting in China IDC industry at the present stage.

1, the first concern is the cost of investment:

In accordance with the current SME e-commerce demand in the low-end configuration calculation, 4 core Xeon CPU, 4G memory, 300G hard disk, the least 5M bandwidth.


Note: The server leased hard disk is generally SATA 500G, while the cloud host hard disk is generally less than 300G; the managed price is calculated at the lowest current quotation.

Through this analysis, we obviously found the difference between the three.


Through analysis, for the individual and small team initial input, the use of cloud host will be more flexible and affordable, but for the long-term use of enterprises, server hosting is not the second choice.

2, Room and network selection:


For the enterprise user needs of the network stability, 100M sharing and 10M exclusive, more recommended the use of 10M exclusive. However, for server migration flexibility, cloud hosts have a great advantage.

For the network quality, room one but choose, the network quality is constant, difficult to say who has the advantage, the experience tells us, the more stable customer base, the network is more stable, therefore, the server hosting area's network is generally more advantageous than the cloud host and the server leased area.

3. Delivery Time:


4. Ease of Use:


In terms of ease of use, cloud hosts are more dominant.

5, Performance and expansion:

Cloud host based on virtualization technology to facilitate user upgrades, users can directly online self-service selection upgrades, flexibility is greater;

Server rental generally by IDC company to provide a fixed model of product selection, upgrade directly upgraded to more advanced products, upgrade space is not large;

Server managed upgrades are upgraded by the user, and scalable space is determined by the scalability of the purchased server, and for greater scalability, the server needs to take this into account in the initial acquisition, with a slightly higher user demand.

6, performance and on demand:

In the overall test, cloud host and independent server (including rental and hosting) of the same nominal configuration, cloud host CPU performance as independent server, but burst use, cloud host flexibility.

On-demand analysis is for the cloud host operators, for users to say one but buy, this piece of attention is not too much.

Therefore, the overall requirements of the stability of the situation, but also recommended that users configure their own high-performance server hosting, the performance of the concept of protection.

7, disaster tolerance

Cloud host automatic backup and redundancy, but according to the actual use of experience, users still need off-site backup.

Server leasing and hosting requires users to do local backup and offsite backup, redundancy requires greater user input and higher technical standards.

8. Disk Bottleneck:

The disk bottleneck comes from two aspects, one is disk speed and the other is disk capacity. As data exploded, enterprise demand for disk was greater and faster.

Cloud Host in theory through the disk array cluster is very good to solve the disk speed problem, but the disk space is generally very small, within 200G, mostly within 100G; server leased disk generally between 500G to 1T, Universal SATA disk, large capacity, general performance; server hosting user, Disk size and performance depend on the server that the user is configuring.

In practice, the disk write speed of a cloud host is significantly less than that of a stand-alone server, and because of the characteristics of shared storage, cloud hosts often have large I/O fluctuations, or I/O instability, which does not exist on a stand-alone server.

Because of shared storage, cloud host disk speed up to 800m/s, and independent server does not use SSD, and so on, generally between 130-160m/s. However, the disk speed of the cloud host is shared storage, by the number of hosts, etc., in fact, it is not likely to reach this peak, although in the burst speed advantage, but hope that in the long-term sustained stability of the speed does not occupy an advantage, and this is what enterprise users need.

In the enterprise use, the Independent server (server rental and hosting) more dominant, after all, capacity, continuous speed assurance is the most valued.

9, Usability:

Most current discussions about cloud computing fail to understand that the convenience of cloud computing models will unleash flood-like computing needs. The release of requirements can put pressure on usability.

The average organization in North America loses almost 1 million dollars a year because of poor performance based on cloud applications, according to the report on cloud performance surveys. In Europe, the average loss is more than 750,000 dollars. Due to performance concerns, 58% organizations in North America and 57% in Europe have slowed down or hesitated to adopt cloud-based applications. 94% organizations in North America and 84% in Europe believe that SLAs for cloud applications must be based on the actual end-user experience, not just the usability metrics of service providers.

Compared with the traditional server rental and hosting is a very mature mode.

In the end, users have to choose whether to use the cloud host or to hire IDC Business Server, or the hosting of the server, which requires serious consideration.

10, Security:

This is the last place to highlight the importance of security. Hardware is valuable, data is priceless. Especially for enterprises and E-commerce users, data security is the most important factor. This is also the topic that almost all cloud host providers have avoided.

The security of cloud computing, "new security model for the age", says cloud computing security has changed everything. The scalability of cloud computing relies on sharing resources that have never been shared before. In a traditional data center, a stable border is built around the infrastructure and data that needs to be protected, and management procedures and controls can be placed where appropriate. This deployment is easier to manage because organizations can control the location of their servers and take advantage of all physical hardware. However, in the cloud, as applications migrate dynamically and organizations share the same remote placement of physical hardware with third parties, the boundaries become blurred and the control of security is weakened.

Sheng a large area of downtime and data loss, Wan disk IO performance bottlenecks caused database read and write exceptions, not only in the domestic, cloud computing is not perfect, frequent downtime ("Inventory: Cloud computing Downtime warning record"). Even Amazon has no way to avoid cloud host downtime, do not know the domestic cloud host provider declared "Never downtime" is the courage.

The redundant storage of cloud hosts is a basic investment that requires a lot of capital. But redundant storage is not needed in real time for users, so some cloud host vendors will be less involved in saving costs.

The biggest factor in the delay in the use of cloud technology by the world's largest corporate CIO is that data is private. The cloud host only provides the network interface, therefore the customer's data must all obey the cloud service company's arrangement, completely under the latter control. The confidentiality of data depends on the latter's professional ethics and protection capabilities. Because of the unpredictability of public networks, users lose control over their own data.

According to the above comprehensive analysis: in the current domestic cloud host environment, enterprise users choose server hosting more reliable than the choice cloud host.

Written at the end:

Cloud host is not perfect, we should open our eyes to understand cloud host and cloud host merchant.

At home, cloud host exaggerated propaganda, hype concept, technology and investment cannot keep up with commercial operation. Capital investment is limited, technical strength is insufficient, operation experience precipitates not enough, Yukung Hali became the domestic cloud host provider's mishap. The real cloud host will bring great benefits to the small and medium enterprises throughout China. But without the core technical force, false cheap pseudo cloud host will bring great disaster.

We should support cloud computing, but we can't make him a gimmick for IDC's promotion.

Perhaps it is more important to choose what kind of business to give to a private data than to what kind of device to give it to.

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