5 Questions that beginners need to understand to make money from a website

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The increasing number of Chinese webmaster can be said that every day hundreds of thousands of new stations were born, but the site although the threshold is greatly reduced, but as the goal of the site-profit making money has become a big problem for the webmaster, the site is not made to make money, a lot of webmaster always fantasize about how they do the last station traffic how much, how many days income will be, In fact, according to the author's own experience this is difficult, because the site is not a simple profit, this article will be with you to talk about the site to make money need to understand a few steps.

Now a variety of sites are too many, many sites, which sites are on the verge of bankruptcy, which is not only to earn enough popularity and profitability. Who can say that clearly? Then whether the website can make money? The answer is yes, of course. Just see you do the site can be recognized by everyone accepted, only others accepted, can bring benefits to your site. Here are a few questions you have to get into your chest.

First, what is the purpose of your website? Doing a website is a serious, time-consuming and energy-intensive thing. Of course, there is also the early stage of the site's capital investment and technical input (oneself know some do site technology than to help others to save time and effort).

Second, you do the site for the industry is what. Before we do the site, we always want to know what the category of this site is, is entertaining, learning class, professional or something else. Clearly we do the nature of this site, we can be targeted to make our target site.

Third, your website content planning. We have to build a good web site framework, and then to the content of a whole, general planning, for visitors concerned about the information, reasonable layout, with a concise page to attract a large number of users.

Four, you do the website audience group is who. We have to understand that we do this site is for who to see, who will pay attention to our site content, we have to target the content of the site to update and maintenance. To ensure that our audience physical fitness to become our site long-term audience groups.

Five, the website completes, the later marketing strategy is also very important. We have to focus on publicizing our website so that we can improve our influence in the audience. In short, to use the website to make money, you have to have a plan, have the preparation, long-term persistence.

The above five points may be a lot of friends will feel very simple, in fact, the simple contains a lot of business philosophy, I hope to help you, finally reproduced please indicate the author's station http://www.fenghuozhanguo.org/Oh!

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