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When it comes to websites, everyone is familiar, even if the novice is just learning the computer at all times in the contact with the Internet, for banking business will use the website, shopping to use the site, learning to use the site, watching the news to use the site, download to use the site ...

We know that many well-known major stations in China have been familiar with the name, and for large portals, users can not use the memory to directly enter the domain name landing site.

Talk about farmers this profession everybody also is not strange, farmers is what, sell domain name person, and a rice farmer can have hundreds of domain name, and stationmaster is what, Stationmaster is a website operator, he is to have the decision-making power of the website, and domain name choice right.

In the domain name sales process We inevitably have to describe the value of the domain name, because after all, the domain name is virtual, you buy back not to build the site he also can not give your site to make money.

Active Marketing

Farmers actively promote the domain name to the webmaster called "Active Marketing", is the webmaster may not know the importance of the domain name, and do the marketing, so give the terminal to instill domain name knowledge is very necessary, the terminal does not know the importance of domain name, nature will not produce the idea of buying domain names, If you simply put the domain name like a product directly to the terminal, and do not give them the importance and value of the domain name, then you may not sell high (unless you have encountered the domain name highly recognized terminal).

Then how to deal with the terminal, how to help the terminal to grasp the domain name knowledge thoroughly, we are not in the hands of the case of a deal, take a few more classic, or can directly take the domain name news case. May you sell the domain name to the terminal, the terminal does not feel that will bring him what profit immediately, because a website from the beginning to profit at least 1 years, some even longer, and this process is you can not help the terminal to evaluate, so the process of actively promoting the domain name, often to the actual large web site standards to instill to the terminal:

such as Jingdong Mall 360buy, Replace the jd.corn between the process and the purchase of the specific price, of course, this case must be you actually want to push the end of the domain name to similar, such as Baihe.corn this, marriage and dating, then you should be related to marriage, but also a double fight case, rather than to the end of the case ( This becomes the promotion of 2 letters, your advantage will become martyrs.

Here Jingdong is E-commerce, and you want to sell to the terminal is the love and marriage of rice, to be instilled in Jingdong is no use (unless you sell is 2 letters). Why to active marketing, active marketing does not necessarily lead to transactions, but can give the terminal a domain name protection concept, that is, when the terminal figured out the nature will come to you, because the concept does not, so he does not think the domain name for him how important.

The front said the active marketing is paving the road, such as introducing a domain name platform to the terminal, and some terminals will be very curious, he said the original domain can be bought and sold AH? Of course, the world's original domain name sales of this business, cultivate the terminal interest in the domain name, let them participate in so that they identify the value of the domain name. We can share the famous history of the domain name field to them, also can have beneficial positive influence to their enterprise development, certainly do not put the domain name "one meter hair" the concept to instill to them, first you did not have the real sense the one meter to send, the second even if has also is the opportunity to promote, I believed and your effort is inseparable, Terminal has just entered the field can not be so quick to realize the fun of the domain name, and you often put the "one meter hair" on the tip of the tongue, the terminal also think you unrealistic, because the domain name price platform we all see, the middle value to the end of their own to judge better.

Passive marketing

The so-called passive marketing has a lot of situations, here is just a small part, such as the active inquiry, you can ask him is farmers or webmaster, of course, there are webmaster disguised as rice farmers ask, may think to get what internal prices, in fact, strictly speaking rice and terminal prices what difference it? You're selling to someone else, but the buyer may be farmers, may also be stationmaster, if you think is stationmaster can kill a little more then I advise you to give up this idea, because stationmaster also always has become rice farmer, you introduce him so expensive this time to buy your domain name, next time may not be able to be with friend match.

Domain name is an industry's social circle, to play a lot of domain name is to deal with the site, and the domain name itself because of the selectivity of large, so

Some domain names have not yet been excavated by the terminal, but if he sees that the domain name fit on his site he will buy. In fact, do not divide farmers or stationmaster, equally, this will not give people the feeling of duplicity, give the impression of cunning, business to be frank

Swing, to be fair and square, to let your buyers feel satisfied, but also your own profits at the same time edify the sentiment, domain name is only you communicate and spread the network of a tool, do not treat him as a profit of the manufacturing machine, so you will live very tired. Sell domain name as a long-term career, and not just play a game, life has a few years to play, if you disappoint life, then life will also betray you.

The acquisition of a domain name can be 2 people, even with a company transaction, to be based on specific circumstances, such as the acquisition of the company, then many people may add your QQ, some managers, some bosses, remember to and the boss said, because the decision-making power in the hands of the boss, if you can persuade the boss, the manager must listen to the boss's opinion, Of course your ability and eloquence should be above the manager to move the boss. Many enterprises choose the domain name after the project, may inquire a number of rice farmers, here may include you, then a key point is that you do not randomly open high prices, to be based on the actual situation pricing, because this time selectivity is very large, and the terminal is anxious to domain name, you do not have the advantage of price, terminal is easy to find alternatives.

Domain name for the commercial value of the site, a domain name first and foremost is the meaning of the domain name, such as Youxi, games, this kind of peering plain meaning, of course, this domain name to different sites will create different values, if it is a general small company, may also do not like Tencent that

Farming step, because the small company's customer base is limited, and Tencent has more than 700 million user groups, so if you have acquired from scratch youxi This domain name you must not feel can surpass Tencent, or Baidu, that unrealistic ideas please throw aside. But Youxi in general

Small companies are still very competitive, the first natural flow, the second is the high demand,

(digression: The creation of games may be traced to ancient times, why to invent the game, because you have played the red police and various types of games to know that the game in addition to relax the body and mind, but also human to deal with the uncertainty of what happened to do the rehearsal, such as the Empire Era (historical process), some RTS game Red alert, Command and Conquest (War rehearsal), there is also the Flame heraldry (Xiangshengxiangke), the Dragon Warrior (adventure), the game King (adversity survives), Diablo (creation and excavation of wealth), Angry Birds (venting), Plant vs. Zombies (Guardian Family) ...

List The Brave Dragons, played all know that the brave is a Japanese national RPG, the concept of transmission is risky, life is actually a kind of adventure, from your work, you have to LV1 to the world, to your age to start to upgrade LV1~LV10, to your college graduation lv10~lv25, You go out to work to earn money, start out of the castle Adventure play Strange, you are attacked by monsters (constantly encountering setbacks at work), go to the blood, get the High class monster K (you get expelled), go to the church to resurrect you, (you get a job again), and you end up going through a lot of trouble to take the risk of defeating the ultimate Devil and saving the world. When you are successful in your career, some such as the Flame seal will marry the princess after victory. Some games can be reopened (your child or you travel around the world) after completion.

So the game is never going to die because of history. But the continuous evolution, from the earliest monopoly, to the later tycoon, from the three missing a bucket of landlords, to later the Three Kingdoms to kill "board" concept, in fact, the game has been in progress, now everyone in the hands of Android or Apple mobile phones actually have game functions, You can download the app to play some touch screen games. Many times we have a habit, when you can't solve a problem you will find a game to play, which may give you the answer, such as alloy warheads, also known as the Vietnam War, the score will be because you save the number of hostages increased, and you midway if the enemy k off you gameover. In life, if you make an uncertain investment, you are exposed to a barrage of bullets. (Digression end)

Domain name investment is a game, and is determined to use money to bet on investment, if you do not analyze the good market then you have not been to the boss has failed (terminal).

In fact, some domain names have obvious value, such as Gouwu,qiche,fangzi,shouji,daikuan, these are mainstream, even if not applied his value is also determined to exist, you do not feel that investment or money to buy on the loss, or even you can become the end

Rather than simply to buy to sell these domain names, these domain names are very suitable for the entrepreneurial domain name, do not feel expensive, if you have confidence in the cost of the domain name you are fully capable, unless you do not believe yourself.

Many stationmaster can not buy com, if you are company call Jiechu Outstanding Company, that jiechu.corn you can not afford, may ask, if you also can't afford, can go to inquire Compare, If the price is almost down. Scheduled investments do not hang in a tree, the toothbrush is different, not to mention a person's consumption ability.

Of course, the domain name decision-making right in you, if you do not recognize the blind investment.

There is also a point you buy the domain price is higher than similar domain name situation, we know that when the domain name is taken to the auction because of the number of participants, the seller's psychological price, the time of the knot and other factors affecting the final transaction price, so the domain name auction is actually a certain "odds", and this and your purchase price has a great relationship, It's like gambling, you can swing to 6 4 times, or you can shake 6 times only once (flying chess). The odds you bet on the low cost of less, you exceed will definitely compensate. So your domain name if it is to be sold to determine the terminal is best not to casually auction off, that is the way to recover funds, but there are risks, (such as now cast 4 com feel will not lose, if it is thousands of time).

We divide the domain name into 2 categories, one is the overall type, the other is the refinement type.

Overall, that is to summarize the entire business form such as Gouwu, Gouwu of the refinement of E-commerce, such as C2C,B2C,B2B,O2O and so on. In the refinement to the industry, Gouche,gouxie,goufang.

So the entire domain name industry chain, the highest end of the domain name is the overall type, that is, can cover the entire industry, such as "loans" including mortgages, car loans, payroll loans, etc. are the product of industry refinement.

Some time ago a friend said nine Yang soy milk machine Why not take Jiuyang down, and first take Doujiang, we know, soya-bean milk is the general term of the whole industry, and the nine Yang to do is soy milk machine, then this soybean milk machine is a peripheral product of Doujiang, of course, nine Yang is selling soy milk around and make money, And soy milk is to create his business empire "benefactor", there is no "soy milk" there is no "soy milk machine", so more valuable soy milk.

For example Sanguo Three kingdoms, inside of Liubei, Three Kingdoms is the entire history, and Liu Bei is the Three Kingdoms this history of one monarch, of course his value is also very big, have eminence meaning, also very has the investment value.

Rice We generally rice farmers can not buy, and even some companies could not afford to buy, then we could acquire a refinement of the classification of domain names such as maixie to buy shoes, this is the refinement of classification for E-commerce and is selling shoes is undoubtedly the best choice. Maybe we all like high-end domain name, the value of high-end domain name we all know, but the fact is that you can not get, the domain name of the refinement classification is strong, and we are familiar with, I believe, if you are still able to receive a detailed classification of the domain name you also have the opportunity to venture.

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