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Want to sign up for a short, friendly domain name? You may find that it is almost impossible to accomplish a task! Especially like the four-bit domain name, including those English words or Hanyu Pinyin, words or double pinyin domain name you are also very difficult to be able to register whatever you like! The reason behind all this stems from the investment in domain name " Crazy "!" Cai wins the name must be a lot of webmaster have heard of it? He holds the domain name and the value of the sale of the domain name if according to market value, over billion is no problem! This is why more and more people are pouring into the domain name Investment Market!

You see: Domain name Forum, webmaster Forum, domain name docking page, there are all kinds of domain name investors in their hands to sell the resources, not to mention the texture of these domain names, but everywhere is a fiery scene! Domain name investment heat, has long been an indisputable fact! If you hear about the legend of domain name investment, See the domain name investment some people get high returns, already can't restrain the impulse want to kill in the heart, might as well read this article, look to do a "rice farmers" you need to beware of investment misunderstanding, must not because of the impatient and let money all dozen water drift.

Misunderstanding one: Wishful thinking to assess the so-called "value" of domain guessing

Domain name in the field of investment, really rely on "one meter rich" (that is, by selling a domain name to achieve wealth) in all of the rice farmers accounted for a very small proportion, and the real majority of rice farmers to survive the state is to spend a domain name registration fees registered domain name, hawking everywhere, only the picture of the smooth turnover can earn half of the difference is satisfied. But by the "one meter rich" story of the stimulus, many domain name investors, especially those who have just started to invest in domain names, will be too optimistic to their favorite domain name pricing, but ignore the market based on the general reference standards, combined with market conditions and the quality of the domain name to conduct a reasonable assessment, so that it will undoubtedly give themselves too high expectations, Such expectations are often difficult to achieve, which will make it easier for new rice farmers to lose confidence, and eventually waste the cost of registering the domain name!

Myth Two: Passion causes fast "rush" domain name incur capital pressure

Domain name Investment We often speak of a reason is to reasonable planning, pay attention to the use of domain name investment earned money to raise more domain name, not as for the "bottomless pit" as the same continue to invest money, this will easily incur huge financial pressure, so that "keep the domain name" difficult to maintain long-term. For many new entrants to the farmers, often will be inspired by the story of the success, resulting in the excitement of the impulse to quickly rush into some of their own thinking of the value of the domain name, so that their hands hoarding more and more domain names, but the sales of domain names is not so easy, In many cases, the domain name sometimes needs to stay in the hands of investors for a year or two to wait for the buyer. In this way, this gives investors such a huge financial pressure, making it difficult to maintain a large number of domain name renewal pressure, loss is understandable.

Misunderstanding three: The Domain name Protection consciousness is not strong causes the good domain name finally only "the fleeting"

In the exchange with domain name investors, I understand that there are many professional rice farmers have experienced some very annoying experience. Because the hands accumulated a large number of domain names, while the domain name registrars are different, resulting in the management often often appear energy not to come over the situation, in some domain name need to renew, due to be delayed by other firms, not in time to see the domain name renewals reminder mail, Led to some good quality domain name finally fell a person to be registered. These domain names have even been quickly changed hands to make a fortune, but they are only temporarily hold the domain name, for others to do the wedding clothes. For those who want to specialize in domain name investment farmers, how to perfect the domain name management method, so that their own in a wide range of domain name to do protection work, to prevent some of the quality of the domain name because of such errors and loss, can not be ignored.

According to these common misunderstanding, for just entering or some are going to enter the domain name investment friends, the author put forward the following suggestions, I hope to make your domain name investment road to go more smoothly, less detours.

Countermeasure one: Do homework in advance, familiar with domain name investment Market

Want to be in the current competition white-hot domain name Investment Market to succeed in a firm footing, spend more thought and time to do homework is necessary link. Only have enough knowledge and mastery of the market of domain name, for example, the different suffix domain name, different length domain name, different meaning domain name in the market in the average valuation must be able to do, so that they can be registered domain name to do reasonably to the target domain name valuation, to avoid committing the above mentioned overestimate the value of the error. So in order to avoid excessive overvaluation of the domain name brought about by the investment misunderstanding, even in the face of financial pressure, it can be processed in accordance with market valuation of some domain names, to ease the financial pressure, so that the domain name investment more smoothly.

Countermeasure two: More look less move keep calm, see Target again shot

In order to avoid the passion caused by the investment behavior, as a domain name investors, need more in some domain names forum and webmaster Forum These peers gathered more places, often to exchange and learn. For others to rush the domain name behavior to do psychological calm, not too easy to be stimulated, but to learn more, think more, the face of numerous and numerous domain names list, the list of daily deleted domain name and so do more to see less dynamic analysis, a wide range of evaluation of the value of domain names, only those who Can have a better valuation prospects of the domain name to rob, for some of the value is not clear, or clear texture of the general domain would rather let go, improve the utilization of funds, improve the rate of return.

Countermeasure three: Enhance domain name protection and management consciousness, make good use of management tools

With the prosperity and development of the domestic domain name investment, there are more and more domain name investors to provide relevant professional services to the domain name service providers, they can provide domain name management services for rice farmers, so that farmers can easily manage the domain name registrars registered in different domain names, you can view the expiration time of the domain name, a variety of ways to remind, In order to enhance the rice farmers to maintain the domain name measures to prevent due to carelessness caused some good domain name loss. In addition, farmers can also grasp the domain name resources by modifying DNS, docked in the professional domain name docking service providers, through its advertising to make the domain name in the visit and visitors to the click Behavior to obtain revenue, so that the domain name investors to reduce the maintenance of capital pressure.

Read the nest ( although at present, the domestic domain name investment has entered the increasingly white-hot degree, but still can not prevent more new investors to join the footsteps of the industry. As a new domain name investor, to correctly understand and deal with the characteristics of domain name investment, to do a cool investment, biting, to prevent the process of investment in the domain name because of the impatient and make wrong decision and behavior, to be good at improving the quality and accuracy of investment, so as to enter a virtuous investment cycle, Let domain name investment road to go better, farther, longer! This article by reading Nest novel network A5 Webmaster net starting, reproduced please reserve, thank you for your cooperation.

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