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Editor's note: This article by the Light blog Catfan founder Li Yancho, his entrepreneurial is a person in the fight. His current identity includes programmers, artists, designers, translators, administrators. Catfan has been running for almost two years now, but the total cost is less than 5,000 yuan. So he summed up some of his own cost control experience to share with our entrepreneurial friends.

The following is the body part:

Although the entrepreneurial people are quite many, but believe that the product of a line or even the product is not online can get a lot of money is absolutely very few people, so most of the entrepreneurial people are in the capital and manpower limited in the case of a step-by-step entrepreneurial pace. How to manage these limited resources to maintain the development of the whole website is a big problem that decides whether the enterprise can be sustained. Otherwise, even if the idea is good, it will eventually fail or dissolve because of the broken capital chain. Here are some tips for saving on cost and resources, perhaps providing useful references to many startups and teams in the start-up phase.


A good server can provide a strong and powerful support for a website. But the cost of architecting or buying a standalone server is very high, and many startups start with the thought that their products will be in a short period of time to get the explosion of millions of browsing, so that the use of highly configured stand-alone server, which is actually limited to the start-up companies are extremely pressure. However, in recent years, the VPS (Virtual Private server VPN) technology is maturing, only to pay a small amount of money, you can provide the same as independent server high elasticity, high-quality service. As long as the technology is not too bad, a common VPS server enough to cope with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of of traffic. Even when you encounter a real need to upgrade the configuration of the situation, most of the VPS can not need any data transfer in the case of the server's memory, CPU, hard disk, bandwidth and other configuration, some even restart are not needed.

In addition, there are a number of free CDN (content distribution Receptacle distribution network) services can be selected, for more pictures of the site, can greatly reduce the server's traffic, reduce bandwidth costs.


Maybe you've already thought of a nice name as a brand, but you've found the name. The COM domain name has already been registered by others, even used for speculation. Now basically you can think of. COM domain names have already been registered by someone else. In this case, you can actually consider some of the other niche domain names (for example, in recent years more popular. Ly,. TV,. Me,. In, not only the price of registration is much lower than those used to speculate, and if the idea of good match, even make your site appear more personality.

Also, in the purchase of domain names or servers, may wish to search for a discount code to provide, perhaps to find some surprises.

Development technology

The technology is not discussed here. However, if the server's database uses MSSQL, Oracle, and so on, or the operating system chooses Windows Server, remember to take into account the valuable licensing costs of the database and operating system. Still, there are a number of free and open source technologies available, such as the world's most popular web-system architecture lamp (liunx+apache+mysql+php), which can deliver 0 of the cost of technology and ensure performance and stability.

Of course, if you can continue to optimize and improve their own technology, can greatly reduce the burden on the server, thereby saving related costs.


You don't necessarily need a high profile computer for development and design, because this kind of work mainly depends on the human brain, the configuration is no help, not necessarily a variety of expensive software and operating systems, because you can always find a free method, even if you use piracy will not have companies to complain about you; Also do not necessarily need to buy a variety of books to learn, there are tutorials everywhere on the internet can be referenced and downloaded, and not necessarily need to attend various training courses, in a variety of technical community, you will get a lot of enthusiastic expert guidance and answers. Of course, knowing English can make your study more efficient.


The start-up product team usually has only two or three people, and even one person is responsible. The start-up members often determine the future life and death of the company. It is often impossible for you to recruit or find a person who is extremely talented and willing to lay down your current career and work for you, and it is impossible to keep him at a high salary and treatment. As a founder, basically all the work needs to be done. You must understand the process, database, design, art knowledge, but also have marketing, management, marketing, accounting skills. In addition, you need a certain amount of writing skills as well as the ability to introduce and communicate with others. All this, when there is no money or relationship to find the corresponding talent, you need to learn.


In order to promote the product, you need to buy ads. However, the cost of marketing is a bottomless pit, in the process there will be a lot of money wasted. As start-ups, often with limited funds, it is not possible to burn money everywhere to buy ads, so it is necessary to control the cost of marketing. For Google AdWords or similar products, you need to set a keyword price higher than any other company to get a higher number of displays and clicks, and when you click on the ad, it is unlikely to be a 100% chance of becoming a registered user (actually 10% or even lower). And at present in China's website use this kind of advertisement product, the cheating phenomenon is very serious, may put the advertisement to hang up, can in more than 10 minutes the advertisement expense budget to deduct the light.

However, you can consider in some niche sites/communities to buy some small advertising, most of it is only 100-200 yuan one months or so, not only put the crowd can be controlled, do not worry about cheating phenomenon, not afraid of the browser's advertising shielding, stable flow, and low cost. Only need to take the initiative to write an e-mail contact the site of the person in charge, may also be able to make some friends.

Of course, there are some promotional or free promotion services available on the Internet. This needs to be thought and explored on its own.


"Heaven Drop Big Ren Also, must first bitter its mind, labor its bones and muscles, hungry its body skin, empty its body, line refers to disorderly its for, so be tempted to endure sex, had benefited its cannot." --"Meng Zi"

Have you worn out your clothes? Feel very hungry? Buying a loaf of bread or instant noodles can satisfy your belly.

In order to save money, all aspects of life also need self-control. Try not to see good things to buy, to eat, to play, to enjoy. Since the choice of entrepreneurship, there should be a kind of hardship preparation. Real entrepreneurship will only make people more and more thin, will not make people more and more fat.

Maybe you will devote all the energy and time to your business, work 10 or even more than 20 hours a day, which may make your body tired, then the best and free recovery method is to find some time to sleep a big sleep rest. After all, the body collapsed, the cause will not have some good development. The body is also the capital.

In the process of starting a business, you are unlikely to have much time to spend with your lover, nor are you likely to have too much money to send gifts, dinner and Valentine's trips to celebrate all kinds of Valentine's Day. At the same time, dealing with interpersonal and friend relationships can also cost a lot of money. --so save it for this.

In short, as an entrepreneur, your personal life expenses, is also one of the start-up costs.

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