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Digital Domain name Concise good remember, global access, and deeply domestic and foreign domain name enthusiasts love, crazy about the number of domain names when the Chinese people, in some small number of digits, good meaning and easy to remember the number of domain names is much sought after, from 1 characters to 3 characters or even 4 characters, 5 characters of the digital domain name have become a favorite object, below to pay attention to the following with "00" three characters.

Last century registered old domain name


Daily life often appear 100 this number, the whole note 100 yuan, the examination marks 100 points, number 100th, 100 years old, 100 of the market, the vast number of well-known, At present, domain name in the hands of overseas people, domain name has been built station operation, platform for a search page, domain name registered in 1996, has 15 years Shinling. In other words, the Chinese people Miss, of course, will not "Miss", the current Department of Beijing Hundred Network Company's official website, was its protection held, in addition, 100 other suffixes. Net/.biz etc. have also been registered. Domain name has 15 years registered age Domain name for overseas Sports Health Information network, free of charge to provide users with knee protection common sense, domain name in 1996 registered, with the 15 registered Shinling, is the internet earlier registered domain name, the current mainstream suffix. net/.biz/.cn/. has been registered, it is worth mentioning is that the current two CN suffix domain name for the Chinese people, and registration time in 2003, the domain name is currently the domain name enthusiasts, and domain name for the current recruitment of integrated network.

13-year Domain name domain name enthusiasts in the hands of overseas domain names, domain name in 1998 registered, there are 13 years registration time, the current CN suffix for the domestic enterprise platform for the company, for the dynamic website domain name, another CN suffix for the Chinese collection,. net/. Other suffixes, such as biz, have been registered, but most are not enabled.

1996 Registered domain name


The previous three "00" Digital domain names were registered in 1996, It is a coincidence that the domain name is also registered in this year, the current domain name can be accessed, but the site page is only a picture, the relative is is currently used to build stations, the website for China 400 Telephone network, also built station operation, the site for the Xinghua Life Network, the other suffix domain name is still in the snow, but with two CN commercial application value, will bring Move 400 of such suffix domain value.

500wan Lottery network domain name


June 2010 Lottery buys the club through the easy name China to acquire three characters digital Domain name, after this, the website then enables this domain name to visit. The Chinese people always like the digital domain name, and the number "500" has the lottery special prize 5 million auspicious Italy, is very suitable as the lottery website domain name, the platform replaces the new domain name for the website to bring the good access traffic, the domain name registers in February 1996, has already had 15 years time, the domain name The domain name acquisition price should be very expensive, two CN domain name is currently the domain name enthusiasts collection, among them. jump Buy net

Hong Kong 97 return to the year registration domain name by overseas people, domain name registration in May 1997, Hong Kong 97 return, when you can set foot love you like Treasure of Chinese land? Six "in China to represent" slip "and" shun ", with auspicious good explanation, and other domain names have long been registered, which has built stations for MasterCard Group official website domain name.

Domain name renewed to 2020


Domain name registered in 1997, the domain name is currently parked page has not been built station operation, but the domain name has now been renewed by the domain name to 2020, and the current two CN suffix for the domain name enthusiasts hold, other suffixes. Net/.biz also in the snow, 700 this series has yet to be excavated. Network Telephone Service platform


Registered in 1998, the domain name currently for overseas free network telephony platform, domain name application to mining, and and other domain names have not been applied, the current domain names are in the hands of domain name enthusiasts, From domain application view, the future, 800 other suffix domain Name value market is good. domain name for Chinese holders domain name was registered in 1996, it is gratifying that the domain name now in the hands of the Chinese people, although the current value of the domain has not been developed, but from the Chinese people to have a love of domain name, domain name in business, time and other aspects of the value of higher, also for the Chinese hold, the 900 series domain name

This is enabled for the three-character numbers that are connected to "00". Some are still in the snow, but from the people for the love of digital domain name, this kind of domain name market demand is wide, its commercial value is high, this kind of digital domain name value is good, the future of these "00" three Digital Domain name market bullish.

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