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Hello everyone, I am du dance, and we meet again, today's title is "How to play to the best effect of soft text" originally to Yeteng said the intention to "when the best release soft text" as the theme, but the more think the more inappropriate, the title changed, After www.admin5.com in the study, I will be soft wen this aspect of experience to write out, we share the next bar, this time to write the whole point, I hope you can carefully read the end.

What is a soft text?

Soft Wen, refers to through the specific concept of demand, to put the truth of the way to make the consumer into the enterprise set up the thinking circle, in order to consumer groups strong targeted psychological attacks and feelings of emotional experience to quickly achieve product sales of the text model. Soft paper is a relative to the concept of hard advertising, compared with hard advertising, soft wen is called soft wen, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, it petitions, collect but not dew, the enemy in the invisible, until consumers find it is a soft wen, has been unprepared to fall into the carefully designed "soft text advertising" trap. Can be divided into two small categories, one is narrow, the other is generalized.

1. Narrow sense: Refers to the enterprise to spend money in newspapers or magazines and other promotional vehicles published in the text of the advertising. This definition is an early definition of the so-called paid text ads.

2. Broad definition: Refers to the enterprise through the planning in newspapers, magazines or networks and other promotional carriers to promote corporate brand image and visibility, or can promote enterprise sales, but a promotional, interpretative articles, including specific news reports, in-depth articles, paid short advertising, case analysis and so on.

In general, soft text advertising is to use less investment, to attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance the sales force of products, improve the reputation of the product, in the soft Wen, to achieve strategic tactical objectives of the product to guide the purchase of consumer groups ads.

Second, why do people write soft text?

The first reason is that the effect of hard advertising is reduced, when the "Wang Po Sell melon Puff" type of hard advertising (traditional advertising), in television, newspapers, networks, outdoor advertising and other media criss-crossing explosion, such advertising itself has become a public psychological burden, a visual, auditory pollution, The public's rejection of traditional advertising is increasing, and the advertising effect tends to be obscure.

The second reason is that the media for soft paper charges than hard advertising is much lower, in the capital is not very strong in the case of soft text input and output more scientific and reasonable, so the company to pay relatively low costs, can quickly start the market.

The third reason is that the webmaster have written soft wen, soft text with a connection, if the article excellent by the major web site reproduced, that the chain and the weight of the rapid rise, soft text with a keyword, but the word is scarce, the role of soft text can promote the occurrence of the word frequency, soft wen can promote the author website to achieve Word-of-mouth benefits. Should know the role of your station is how big it, included and the flow of cards are all straight up Ah, for example www.52link.net batch link is not relying on 2 months of soft paper to do so cattle?

The fourth reason is that spiders also like Soft wen, a Baidu can feed a station? That is definitely not blowing, but admin5.com certainly not rely on Baidu to feed, to know, those "spiders" also like active things, soft Wen is the fountain of vitality, "spiders" do not know that the text is high quality or low quality , "Spider" is an omnivorous animal. Only soft wen is so rich in nutrition. Finished the "Spider", you still afraid of your station does not make money rolling?

Third, how to write a good soft text?

1. Quote old Xie words is "soft wen is not afraid of shocking!" Let go of the courage to write, some soft Wen wrote their station hundreds of thousands of flow hundreds of thousands of included, they wrote, played a role, why do not you dare to write Ah, Baidu and do not eat you, even if you eat, then you tell it said Du dance let me boldly write, hehe ~ joking.

2. No one is willing to read some fragmented text, fragmented text is not persuasive, so the soft wen is to grasp the overall view, as far as possible the article order to do a good job, Vivid Point, fluent point of language.

3. Do not write news and write ads like! You have to go into the direction of the soft text of the meaning of the word "soft"!

4. Or that sentence, can come out for a long time the flow is the hard truth! Fully to the soft text development to the practical article, this is the trend!

5. Do not recommend some of the temptation of the title of the soft text, because the practice has proved that it is all about the time of sex! And not practical, after the webmaster saw such an article will not be ignored.

Iv. How to promote the original soft article?

Choose when to put the soft text. Although the release of Soft Wen is a long-term promotional strategy, but in fact, there is a certain degree of skill in the delivery period. For example, the website of new products before the soft text, can be a site user groups "trailer" role, can create a certain suspense and mystery, and for the website of the official launch of new products to play a good foreshadowing role. New products on the Web site after a period of soft text, it can strengthen the memory of consumers and promote their long-term use of the desire to enhance their viscosity of the site.

Here I said, do not put the soft text everywhere to paste! I said myself, from the beginning to write articles have been insisting only in webmaster Nets original, because A5 is the focus of the webmaster, I remember my first time in A5 about my decoration Knowledge Network www.webyw.cn This station soft text is played a role, take the most concerned about the IP, it suddenly increased more than 100 IP, and these days has been so continued, here thank a5!

It can also be said that all the well-known large sites can be used as your soft text, such as blogs, forums and so on. But starting my own look is the best choice A5, anyway I have been doing so.

V. Summary

Read the above I wrote some experience, that soft wen should not write it? Answer soft text should be written, but to grasp the time to write soft wen! That is, we set up a Web site when the data basically meet user needs and through other promotional means the site's traffic is on a good upward trend, Then we will start to write some high-quality soft text to arouse the attention of other users or network media, so that their own web site to a new high, so as to play the best effect of soft text.

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