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The appearance of the Trung play turned upside down, flesh to describe the bombing of the Chinese expeditionary Force. It's not uncommon for people to be blown up in films. Click to watch "China Expeditionary Force" HD Online Chinese expeditionary Force unknown "burst point" crew spent nearly 5 months to complete all the blasting work.  15 Pyrotechnics, 2 tons of explosives, more than 700 kilograms of gunpowder were used in the shooting, costing more than 1 million.  There are 2000 to 3,000 bombing points in the same ancient battle. The war epic epic "China Expeditionary Force", starring Trung, Fengyi and Kolan, is being hit by Jiangsu satellite TV. After opening singing, the play quickly entered a fierce war scene. Amazing of artillery shells roared to blow up the hills, dense as the rain bullet horizontal fire suffocating people, and the continuous fall of the soldiers have been bloody. Sitting in front of the television audience seems to be able to smell the scorched earth after the smell, and even some people can not help but sigh: "Never seen such a cruel war TV series, the heart has been tugging, taste is too heavy!"  Yesterday, Huaxi City reporter contacted the play fireworks group leader, has participated in the creation of Baiyu film and television drama, known as the "mainland's first bombing" Yun Nebula, for the first time tells the "Chinese expeditionary Force" in the story of the wonderful demolition scenes. 5 months with a burst of 2 tons of explosives Trung quake "wavering right sway" tens of thousands of yuan to build a panoramic battle scene, the original proportion of the battle tanks, heavy production of late effects ... after the Chinese expeditionary force hit last week, some viewers thought the play was more like a battlefield documentary. On the basis of the true story of screenplay 80%, the war scene is handled with particular care and detail: cut off from the front of the injured leg wounded, bleeding wounds can see the strands of flesh and blood; fighting between the two soldiers, a platoon commander with a helmet smashed the head of the day, blood down the floor drop;  and heavy hit on the pillars were bounced, after the battle of the ruins strewn with sporadic severed limbs, and so on, many fierce and wonderful blasting drama to make the fans crazy. "We have spent nearly 5 months with the cast to complete all the demolition work," he said. Yesterday afternoon, the Yin Nebula, who participated in the creation of Baiyu film and television drama, which was hailed as "China's first bombing", received an interview with Huaxi City, "China Expeditionary Force" in the shooting used 15 fireworks division, two tons of explosives, more than 700 kilograms of gunpowder, the cost of roughly more than 1 million, can be said to be the domestic consumption of the most pyrotechnic materials one of the series. Even the Trung, who has always been known as a tough guy, is scared when it comes to blasting scenes. "When it comes to street scenes, there's explosions everywhere." Trung went in and was completely unaware of where to go. After filming, Trung also repeatedly felt that he was shaking left sway.  Yun Nebula also joked that in the "Chinese Expeditionary Force," the cast also circulated such a joke: After the film, the actors do not go to see the firecrackers, because it is far from the gas bomb whistling fly. There's a play, 3,000 blows.  Blasting play considering soil quality is the key TV drama "China Expeditionary Force" in the Grand War scene is a highlight of the play, but at the same time these war scenes also caused a lot of people worry.  Recently, the crew in the filming of the explosion scene of the accident occurred, causing the actor injured, and the "Chinese Expeditionary Force" in the filming process to face more and larger explosions, their bullets and explosives how safe to use it? "While everyone appreciates such an intense picture, but in fact, many viewers do not really understand the profession of pyrotechnics, thinking that we are only responsible for blasting and fireworks, in fact, fireworks is an indispensable part of film and television stunts, we are not only responsible for war scenes and explosion effects, such as shooting, bullets, flames, smoke, and even the morning mist, snow Smoke, fireworks these belong to our fireworks division of the scope of work. "Talking about the work in the war scene of the Chinese Expeditionary Force," Yin Shun said: "To maximize the restoration of historical reality, only a play with the ancient battle has 2000 to 3,000 bombing points."  Site blasting, for us terrain and the texture of the land is a must consider the problem, which determines the way the fireworks production and the amount of raw materials. "Good terrain for us to bury the line, cloth, said in the soil, relatively soft, more than the most suitable outdoor location blasting play, stone and hard to shoot blasting scenes of the big taboo." For example, we have 100 grams of the dose, the diameter of the pit to seventy or eighty centimeters, earth to 300 kilograms, and the soil can not have hard objects or sundries, so as not to splash up injured actors. "As for the production of imitation guns and steel cannons, Yun Nebula said that" small pieces of simulation weapons such as guns, usually art first to provide professional picture information, and then send a person according to the map production. Yin Nebula said to prevent the loss of things and clean-up, a lot of props are basically recorded. "Some of the weapons that have not been blown up or left behind will be manned and recycled," he said. "There are worries about the fireworks Division 50 people each year to deal with tens of thousands of works yesterday afternoon, three times to obtain the Chinese film" Rooster "the Best Fireworks Award of the Yun Nebula, in addition to revealing the" Chinese expeditionary Force "behind the scenes, but also to the West China Metropolitan newspaper reporter expressed his concern. "A lot of viewers like the picture and good war effect, but in fact, there are some problems in the industry." The country has the qualifications of the fireworks division, Bayi six, Shadow factory four ... I can say responsibly that no more than 50. What they need to face is the annual production of 15,000 episodes and the annual output of four hundred or five hundred films. So it can be imagined that there will be many unqualified pyrotechnics in the film and television circles. According to Yin Shun, the requirements of the fireworks Division in China is not expressly provided, but each plant requires a professional operation certificate. Want to be a firework division, first have to accept the factory training for a few months, then the master with 35 years. Until be recognized to be able to, the factory will be issued induction certificate. "A qualified pyrotechnic master not only has a high quality requirement, but also the cultural quality is crucial." Now the audience is not stupid, level, composition, atmosphere, they can see. But because of the dangers and instability of the industry,Sex, which many young people are unwilling to engage in. Yun Nebula revealed that the current domestic fireworks division about 2000 yuan per episode, a play on tens of thousands of yuan. "A lot of time is tight and it's easy to get a job." But I think everything is slowly changing, now our factory intends to give a pyrotechnic management provisions of the draft proposal, if possible as soon as June this year to submit relevant departments. Hope that the industry can be more standardized, but also to allow more people to understand the fireworks division. "Huaxi Metropolitan newspaper reporter Ying
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