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The implementation of Web site promotion through a variety of specific methods to achieve, all the Web site promotion methods are actually the site to promote tools and resources reasonable use. The promotion method along with the change of the internet pattern changes unceasingly, has appeared a big push website promotion way, whether is the traditional website optimization, the friendship Link, the Forum blog and so on promotion way, or is the emerging SNS, the game, replies the top and so on promotion way.

The promotion of the way is to change with the internet pattern of continuous innovation, but the million change in which the basic skills must not be slack at all times. Website promotion only in a solid basic skills can be a new breakthrough. Here are four basic skills for website promotion:

A clear positioning and understanding of the group

To promote the site, the first to have a profound understanding of their own, to their own a clear positioning, in the industry itself in what kind of position? Many of the operators in order to increase the popularity of the content, and constantly increase the contents of the column, so that astronomy, geography all-encompassing, more proficient in the search engine's peers, can also be the site's traffic hype uproar. However, if the site is not clearly positioned, it is difficult to retain users, the uproar is often just a flash in the pan.

Only know what you are doing, to determine what the Web site users are, to provide a specific netizen truly valuable content, to attract netizens two visits, only such a site is easy to succeed, to recommend a classified site, you can refer to. And in the initial determination of a site positioning, can be based on the corresponding keywords to search, similar sites have what, the size of the site, if you can really think of a people need and there is no one to do the direction, that very congratulations, the chances of success is much greater.

Second, stable flow, do not forget to optimize

Flow promotion is relatively easy, and the flow of precipitation is relatively difficult, then how to obtain a long-term stable web site traffic, this is the hardest to do, but also every webmaster want to do. Brush the site or brush flow and other keywords, you can temporarily appear a lot of traffic. But do you dare to say that The Advertiser put an advertisement on your website? If he puts an ad in your website, he will look at your real site traffic and a series of things. A website no one wants to advertise can not be said to be a successful website.

When a website to the user to obtain valuable information is very convenient, and can provide users with valuable information, in order to attract more people to browse. How can it be done? This SEO optimization, at this stage of China, SEO knowledge must not be promoted, whether any one webmaster can be familiar with the name of SEO. Here to say is, is really the success of SEO people, is able to promote the time to infiltrate the awareness of SEO optimization, so that the promotion and SEO combined.

Third, an open-minded study, continuous innovation

Do the promotion work, there is no one layer of the same method, there is no once and for all methods, need to constantly communicate with people to learn. Therefore, the network popular all kinds of instant messaging tools are essential, such as QQ, Want want, MSN and so on, but also according to their own time to as much as possible with as many people communicate. For example, QQ group can provide you with a large number of users can communicate, of course, the number of groups does not represent the work of the good, but at least prove that it has been looking for cooperation opportunities, learning to promote knowledge, and constantly expand contacts. What is important is not the form, but the spirit of continuous improvement.

In these instant messaging, there is a selective increase in the number of friends, the friend here, refers to work-related, or there is a partnership of friends. Friends more road to go, this is definitely a resource, and in the process of communication with others, can learn a lot of new things. And when you need help, you won't hesitate to help you. For example, you want to publish a soft article, these 20 people have no condition to help you publish to their website, when you need resources, they also try to help you find.

Four, time summary, clear direction

When your site is a team in operation, you need to provide direction to the team, so the ability to plan writing is essential. In addition, from the process of summary analysis, the Internet updates quickly, so must be good at learning new knowledge, new technology. For other people's experience, technology, directly copied over is not really suitable for you, but also to combine their own characteristics. In the specific work is also the same, each to complete a project or every once in a while, it is necessary to conduct a self-assessment of the analysis, when the so-called experience after refining, can become truly valuable things.

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