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1, pure rice. All by the letter or all by the digital domain name, this kind of domain name registration appearance looks more intuitive, therefore is particularly popular. Pure rice within the 3-bit domain name, because the number of small, easy to remember, high market prices, by rice farmers as "hard currency", and hard currency, there are many fine rice:

Word rice. is commonly used in English words, the word domain name is high value, because the world general, the market potential is huge. Due to the regionalization of the site content and the city subdivision, therefore, in the commonly used English before plus provinces and cities abbreviated domain name, but also increasingly favored by people, such as Gdjob (Guangdong talent), this kind of domain name hype value is not very large, but has practical application value, domain name easy to remember, and because the domain name with keywords, search engine more affinity.

Full spell. Is the common words of the phonetic composition of the domain name, more popular is the single and double spell domain name. The value of whole-spell rice, to specific problems specific analysis, commonly used words, well-known phrases, not only netizens recognized, search engines can read, market value is higher, but some of the whole spell only two pinyin together, no practical significance, such a domain name is worthless, then said back, If your portfolio is exactly the name of a famous enterprise or the name of a famous product, that's different.

Digital meters. 4-bit within the pure digital domain name, has been registered, but it is not said that the value of digital domain name is high. Some easy to remember the number is very valuable, such as 3721,1000,2000, but some figures are unreasonable, netizens have seen many times may not be able to remember, its value is greatly reduced. In our country, there is a domain name in the digital meter is also very popular, that is

Area code meter. Area code because of the use of our commonly used telephone area code, so, even if not propaganda, there will be a large number of people remember and know that it represents the region, so there is a high practical value, so that such a domain name in the market is quite high.

2. Miscellaneous rice. The names of the mixed numbers and letters are miscellaneous rice. The overall price of the rice is lower than that of the pure rice, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, through the number of homophonic or word meaning metonymy, you can shorten the domain name, so that the domain name is more brief and intuitive, such as 35 (business), 15 (practice), such as 54 (youth), 38 (women), 61 (children), these domain names compared to the construction station welcomed. Some miscellaneous rice is a proprietary vocabulary and should be a valuable domain name, such as MP3,B2B,B2C.

Rail meter. Cross Meter is a kind of miscellaneous rice, the number with a bar or letter with a bar. Rail meters in the city of Rice accounted for a small proportion, but the date of the 365-day-a-year of the rail meter is all registered, such as 7-11, that is, July 11. In the history of the river, every day there will be memorable things happen, so the date bar Rice became the darling of the bar. Some rail meters, may also be a brand or representative of the well-known phrases, such a bar is also valuable, such as 7-11, in addition to representing the date, or 7-11 chain of brands, 0-24, is on behalf of the All-weather service.

3. Terminal meter. Terminal meter refers to the domain name that the main target is used to do station or already do station. The value of the domain name should be embodied in the application of the construction station, but there are many domain names not specifically defined by end users, such as. cn domain Name 0-9 10 digits, only did the website, become the terminal meter, while the others are not terminal meters. The most common in the terminal meter is the industry rice, the product rice and the trademark rice.

Industry meters. Industry keywords composed of domain names, mostly pure rice inside the word rice, natural flow is big, market price is high, and very practical value, apply properly, can save a large amount of propaganda expense for the enterprise, so some websites, prefer in the industry word front plus cn, GD and so on to ensure the domain name with the key words of the industry, Also refuses to use other domain names.

Product meter. There are three kinds of products, one is the general product name, such as fruit, snacks, these products are actually rice industry; The second is a product of the brand, such as the heart of the dog, there are all over the geographical indications of the products, such products are generally the characteristics of a local product or products, related to many enterprises, Often formed in the local scale, with industry-meter nature, so very favored by the relevant enterprises; third, a certain manufacturer of some type or a series of products, this product domain name market value is very small, because very few manufacturers will be a product on the note of a domain name to do the site, so although the goal is clear, rarely will cause the interest of the terminal.

Trademark rice. Trademark meter refers to the registration of trademarks converted to the domain name, the value of this domain name evaluation, mainly depends on the strength of enterprises and enterprises to the importance of this trademark. Since registered trademarks are protected in various countries, it is very dangerous to register such domain names, and it is easy for people to apply for arbitration to take them back or to court. There are exceptions, for example, when you registered a domain name before the registered trademark of the enterprise. Before the gobelieve is this situation, the domain name as early as in 2005 has been registered, dogs ignore the company is now registered as a trademark, so it is not possible to apply for arbitration or litigation. Another flaw in the trademark meter is that it is difficult to find a second buyer if the target enterprise does not. This situation is common in some small enterprises, these enterprises once found that their domain name is registered, he would rather find a replacement domain name is not willing to negotiate with the domain name owners, although this is detrimental to corporate image, but small enterprises on their own network image is actually very indifferent.

4, small plate of rice. This is completely hype the market, small rice refers to the registration fee is not high price of a certain type of domain name. For example, within two digits of the. com digital meter, the total number of only 100, according to the current registration fee, there are 5000来 blocks can be maintained management, a person can be long-term possession and not let it sell. Note that the small plate of rice is a dynamic concept, sometimes, small plate will become a market, the market will become a small disk. For example, three-bit letter domain name, a total of 17,576, the registration fee is more than 800,000, relative to a person, the plate is not small, but relative to a group of hype, dispersed to a lot of users, is a small disk. If there is anything in the market, a large number of holders in the selling, take over the cost increases, will soon become a big market meter.

5. Rice for tuition. Tuition meter refers to the kind of registration of no one to take over, renewals and waste of money, can not create economic benefits, and finally have to lose the domain name.

Creative Rice. Put the idea of rice here, not to say that the creative rice is the tuition, but the price of rice, most of the creative rice. In the website construction application, most is the creative rice, but in the market speculation, the creative rice often encounters Waterloo. Of course, creative rice may also become the other terminal requirements of the domain name, Gobelieve is from the idea into a trademark domain name, but this opportunity is not much. Creative Rice through the following methods, you can also increase the value of the domain name:

A, do the simplest ideas. In other words, do not unrestrained, to use the public acceptance of the way, according to the public's thinking to creativity, such as the 61 added to the BBS, SNS, blogs and other common types of Web site before, to the internet a little understanding of people will know you this must refer to the children of the Forum, community or If you just do your own creative, get out of things often only you understand others inexplicable, in that case, you will only become the city of Xianglin Xiang, every person on the garrulous to explain your domain name meaning.

B, creativity comes from practice. Bird me, although the grammatical errors, but it comes from practice, because such a sentence is very consistent with the Chinese way of making sentences, in the university is quite popular, and even become some of the mantra of students, so register to become a domain name, a little understand English Chinese can guess is "bird I" meaning, This is not so much a creative idea is to steal the idea of the public, such a creative rice because of the mass base, so people will like.

c, for your creative rice tailor-made a website, the intention to manage, enrich the content, in time, the site and domain name packaging for sale. This is a recipe for success for a lot of people, and it applies to those non creative domain names.

D, actively write some do not cause other people too much resentment of the soft text, the domain name propaganda, gradually let everyone accept your thinking. But this way may be less than even reactive, domain name investment, a lot of time, rubbish rice is rubbish rice, how to publicize other people will not accept, spend so much time to write soft Wen, still less than write article contributions to earn royalties.

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