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High-quality external links to improve the effectiveness of the effect, has been the search engine marketing research and website optimization peers widely recognized. But as with original articles, high quality links are not easy to get. The author combined with the Shanghai website Construction Company Pilotage Technology six years of work experience, summed up the following five kinds of access to high-quality external links, and a comparative analysis of each to share to everyone, hoping to play a role. Many of these methods are believed to have been or are being practiced by many friends.

One, and the same type of high weight site exchange links

Search engine after the continuous adjustment of the algorithm, the traditional, simple by volume to win the link to import the way no longer works. After observation research found that the same type of site to import the keyword link effect can be given higher weight. We use the Shanghai website Construction Company Pilotage Technology website to do an example, our Enterprise information website is specialized for the small and medium enterprises to provide the website construction service, therefore, the link Exchange object All is exclusively Shanghai area outside the website construction company. But is not as long as the same type of site to go to the link? The answer is no, there is a weight problem, if you do not know how to judge the weight of the other site, you can simply look at the snapshot update date and the PR value of the site. If the site is often updated by search engines, and PR in more than 4, we can basically determine the weight of this site can be. Exchange links when you need to pay attention to two points, the first is not the speed of the link can not be accelerated and should be gradual, the second is the number of exchange links to the site is the best control within 50, otherwise may be mistaken for the search engine to cheat, was punished.

Second, the original blog, and import keyword links

Blog original purpose is to improve the weight of the blog. We all know that the search engine has now been reproduced several times no longer interested in the content, but the original article or reprinted a few times the article is still a special feeling. Another advantage is that if the article is written by itself, it can be naturally implanted in the keyword, and then linked to their own site. This has two advantages, one is because the content of original, natural will attract the tireless search spiders, the weight of the blog will slowly improve, the second is, because of the continuous increase in the weight of the blog, the quality of the imported link will be more and more high. Blog original has an incomparable advantage is that the longer the blog, the more to the back, the link quality of the import to the site is higher.

Third, the composition of soft text published to the professional platform

Previously, we have written "where the object of the crazy spread of internet marketing ideas," mentioned this topic. Soft Wen Marketing has been a seer of webmaster and enterprises widely used. The advantage of soft marketing is that content can be arbitrary writing, of course, the quality can not be ignored. In the soft text we can naturally advertise the company products or services, can also add their own keywords and URLs. High-quality soft writing after the release in similar Admin5, news and other professional platforms, will be a lot of people reprint, which is similar to Sina, Sohu, Xinhua and other large media. It can be said that a good soft text is reproduced one thousand or two thousand times is very normal, such a spread and link growth rate, the site rankings can not be difficult to find.

Four, the Moderate purchase website link

Appropriate purchase site links can definitely improve the site rankings, but the premise is the purchase of the site link quality and weight of the object must be high. Also need to be wary of a point is that the purchase of links must be a clear link, can not be a dark link or black link. In general, the site's home page weights the highest, so we try to buy only the first page of the link. The purchase link should be a small amount of precision for the principle, which involves the cost of long-term optimization considerations.

Five, and the key Words related forum, blog message link

Forum, blog post replies have been most webmaster in the optimization of the site when the usual method, here we say the blog, forum message replies focus on the emphasis is relevance. For example, you are the website construction company, should go to the website construction related forum to post, you are the cosmetics company, should go to the cosmetics related blog to leave a message, its core is still one point is the correlation. Because of the proliferation of advertising, now many blogs and forums in the code has been added "nofollow" tag, is the search for spiders to see this tag will not crawl. So, if possible, go to some small websites to send a post may be better than some well-known blog, forum effect is better.

Link optimization is a long, arduous task and cannot be loose fishing. As a professional Shanghai website construction Company, pilotage Technology ( will be sorted out a series of Web site optimization and internet marketing of some knowledge, the latest information please always pay attention to ADMIN5 Webmaster Network related columns.

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