Four points of experience in the promotion of local class forum

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Website promotion needs not only skills but also a lot of patience, today I share with you the local forum to promote some of the skills, in general, just start to do local forum people will be distressed. Because do not know how to promote, popular bleak, traffic is scarce. So today we are going to discuss ways to promote local forums.

The first path is to the local bar to post, to your forum or website publicity, but you will find that your posts will soon be deleted by the Lord, this is normal. And the more you send, the more you delete. You said, I asked you to post, I did not ask you to send so many people are waiting to be deleted posts AH. Want to know what the secret, in fact very simple, your local bar must have a lot of local sections, such as video or audio classes, you can take the opportunity to publish their own updated music and your promotional information ah. And you will find that after such a disguise, the Lord will not delete your posts. Daze, a lot of things. So, this method is people think out AH.

The second path is more traditional, is to use the friends around you for the article. For example, you and your friends in advance to discuss the use of your forum or website to advertise TA's products, and then jointly launched a number of activities, such as promotional information and so on, so that both attracted buyers, and attracted your forum visitors. You can even set up a forum for TA's products in your own website for TA to communicate with netizens. This brings a batch of traffic to own website. This achieves the network and the life the best combination state.

The third way is to use the local QQ group. Join a QQ group, according to group type, propagate different website module, open up different audience crowd. It takes your social skills to speak, and you have to keep a friendly relationship with your family.

The fourth path, improve the content of their own web site, more to do with the local living climate related content. For example, send some local travels, cause everyone to the same scenic spot resonance, and then thread. The fifth path, since it is a local forum, you introduce some useful small functions, I believe that we will be able to get the enthusiastic support of everyone, such as local map navigation, local specialty introduction, local attractions and so on. Finally, reprint please keep, QQ Hall plug-in:!

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