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Do a good job in the end is to do the content of the site, which is to the next century, this situation will not change, but how can the personal webmaster find such a rich content for Web site updates? So now a lot of stationmaster is collect the method to enrich oneself website content, but this method although quick and easy, But for the site is not a little role, for users naturally also like sawdust, to make the site has a good development and constantly improve the site's user experience, the best way to create high-quality articles! So how to quickly and easily find ways to create high-quality articles? See below:

The first technique: pseudo original

For website construction, false original is indispensable, although now false original for Baidu is not popular, but the included or included, after all, Baidu's intelligence level is not very high, but for those simple change the title, change the end of the first paragraph of the pseudo original method now Baidu can detect, This simple form of false original need to quit the stage of history, now the latest pseudo original form, to integrate a number of articles, absorb the essence of which, a new perfunctory, this false original quality is relatively high!

The second technique: the alternative rewriting method

After all, the relevant industry knowledge is so much, and some of the knowledge is confidential, easy to disclose, so every day to write the original itself there is not so much content to write, unless it is a news class site, can have new news every day, and for the industry nature of the site need to find ways to rewrite the According to other people's article again according to their own thinking to write an article, others cite this example, I would like to cite another example, as long as the main idea of the exposition is not wrong, it is also very good original article, the quality of nature is also good!

The third technique: to be original in life

In fact, we are all around us every day a variety of original articles, if for the community-type site, these life points can be turned into our original articles, there is to publish some trading information, as long as the specification, while paying attention to the layout of keywords, others in the release, To guide or write some helpful text to provide information to the people, so that you can greatly reduce their content in the site update time, and this information is often original, the quality is very high!

Fourth: Pioneering thinking, from other media "find" original

In fact, this can not be regarded as a search, more accurately said to be a bit of plagiarism, before we said that the Internet can not be copied or collected? This is not wrong, but this time we copied not on the internet, but in books, in 1786.html "> Print media, in the textbook magazine, These places as long as not published on the network, we buy them down, and then by scanning the text published to the Internet, these Baidu did not include the text, nature is original, and in the magazine or other media published on the text, generally can have a very good help to users! So the user experience of the site can also be the corresponding improvement, is to kill both birds!

Of course, for personal webmaster, do original content skills far more than four, in fact, around us at any time can find original text, the key is that we have to find the original text of the thinking and vision, and then be able to use less energy to complete the content of the site update! This article source: http:// Drug list original, A5 starting, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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