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I think, many friends in the catenary station, like frequent replacement site theme, why?

Mainly is now the theme is too much, see good, like to replace the previous thought not good-looking, saying I was so, and always, the highest record once a day changed 8 themes, when it is crazy enough.

But later, see the relevant articles on the Internet frequently change the theme of the site to the website optimization disadvantage, serious may cause K station, it was scared, and then not dare to disorderly play.

However, as the relevant experience and the growth of technology, today, I can be very bold to say, as long as you do the following, frequent replacement of the theme is not what can not.

1, pay attention to title,keywords and description

At this stage, search engines, especially Baidu, for title to give a considerable weight, incidentally, if you change the title, then you have to pay a certain price, so, we in the change of theme, we must not change the title.

So, where is the title?

Just between the page code.

The reason why someone said to change the subject is more right, mainly because of different templates of the structure of their code, the output of the title is also different, if you do not pay attention, title was changed, the consequences, you understand.

Although now the role of keywords is basically equal to zero, but, for the sake of prudence, we still do not change.

Here, we focus on description, due to different authors of different themes, some description, some have not, some may use the author's own website introduction instead, and some, may automatically intercept the article Introduction label part ...

There's no way to do it anyway.

So, if you don't pay attention, your description may be changed beyond recognition.

Of course, if your system is wordpress, if you use the Platinum SEO pack this SEO plug-in, then, the above problems are actually not a problem, because no matter how you change the title of your site, Keywords and description are not going to change, are they interesting?

2, pay attention to the change of H1, H2, H3, H4

The H1,H2,H3,H4 tag plays a very important role in SEO, so to speak, to the site for example, the site is the main keyword SEO tutorial, then, my key words must appear in the H1, or between the H2 tags, because the weight of these two tags the highest, it tells the search engine, Hi, buddy, This is the most important thing on our website.

If you change the theme and find that the h1,h2,h3,h4 of the site is different, then you have two options:

1, will not HTML language, simply kill this topic, look for the consistent

2, I understand the HTML language, can modify their own, so that the theme of H1,h2,h3,h4 consistent.

Changes to the site do not change to the URL structure, and your title,keywords and description as well as H1, H2, H3, H4 are unchanged, so I can tell you that even if you change the theme, your site will not be affected, Because the appropriate HTML language changes are serious in search engines, it is irrelevant.

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