Friends, is your website built for users?

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"Webmaster Tools" for the webmaster and Seoer, is again familiar with, the domestic famous webmaster platform has also launched its own webmaster tools to meet and service platform members, such as: A5 webmaster platform, SEOWHY, Love Station and so on. The original intention of webmaster Tools is mainly used to help personal webmaster and seoer Observation and analysis of the site included, snapshots and site rankings, through tools Seoer and personal webmaster can easily view the rankings of their own sites, included and snapshots, but also to study and analysis of competitor sites, found outside the chain of resources, learn from the opponent's approach, And then surpass the opponents, also because of this webmaster tools naturally become webmaster and seoer daily must use the "weapon", can not be denied webmaster tools to seoer and personal webmaster to provide a great help, but on the other hand also let a large number of people lost the direction of the construction station, immersed and entangled in the collection, Rankings and snapshots of the problem, perhaps because of this reason, webmaster platform appeared "Baidu included my home page, why has not included my inner pages?" And all kinds of complaints, because the daily use of tools to view the site, but the results of tool feedback has never changed, for novice seoer and stationmaster speaking, this is undoubtedly a kind of inexplicable blow! This feeling I have personally experienced, through the pain, I also do not bother to chatter, today only to this article, Ask the webmaster friends who struggle in the first line: "Webmaster friends, your site for whom is it built?"

Our daily research Baidu SEO optimization technology, the pursuit of pyramid-type site keyword layout, and again to the site structure revision and optimization, and even take the risk of using black Hat SEO method for search engine optimization site, but inadvertently has neglected the actual content of the site construction, Does your site target users just to search for spiders? Are you supposed to stop and spend some time asking yourself, "who is the site for?"

In fact, have you thought about it? Even if you are through the chain, friend chain, even SEO optimization technology, to meet the search spider, Access to high-quality Web pages included, ranking, although the probability of such a result is not large, I will boldly assume that it has become a fact, yes, the user through keyword search, decisively entered your site, But after a glance, but can not find what they want to know, or even completely solve his purposeful problem search, do you think he will stay to bring effective flow conversion rate? Do you want to get this so-called "zombie" flow? Conversely, if we return to the original purpose of the station, efforts to provide users with a specific site for practical use, and to solve the user-specific problems as the responsibility of the attitude to build the station, I believe that in time your chain will unknowingly soar in the rankings and include problems, but also absolutely get a quick solution, all this good results, Not because you're straining to do the chain, look at the tools, study the results of SEO optimization technology, but the user Word-of-mouth dissemination and sharing results, because the site to solve the user needs, the user recognized your site, they are willing and very urgent to share the discovery of all the good things, such a user group brought about by the flow is the real traffic.

Finally, this document only to those who struggle in the webmaster line, but lost the direction of friends, let us once again review the original purpose of their website construction, and strive to do a site with the connotation of thought, as long as you insist that the harvest will inadvertently descend, refueling!

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