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Keywords Influence Seo title standing angle points

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Site SEO point of view is the title length will have an impact on our site optimization? The answer to this question is very certain. But the concrete should be long or short, maybe some people know very little. According to TF algorithm and hilltop algorithm, title not too long for the site's SEO benefits, but from the long tail angle analysis of traffic, title will need to contain some of our target users commonly used search terms. Of course, we also need to from different industries for specific analysis, not to generalize.

Title is one of the most important SEO factors, after taking over a project, whether you are novice or veteran, will take title as the priority of the Optimization object. The main reasons are as follows: three.

Title in our keyword competition ranking is a very important factor;

The relevance of the title to the target user's search term determines the number of times the page is displayed, thus affecting the overall flow of the site.

Title is good or bad for CTR (click Rate) of the high and low impact.

The 3rd reason is because it is not the subject of this article, the author first put aside. But if you analyze it two days ago, you may feel the same way as the writer. The two viewpoints have a contradictory feeling. Why do you say that?

The core purpose of the search engine is to provide users with the most relevant web content. and the title as a Web content enrichment, directly linked to the site "relevance". This can explain why all of today's search engine to the title of the reason, the title of the weight has been high. From our common sense, if the site title is "Google seo", in the user search "Google seo", natural than title is "Google Seo_ Bing Seo_ search engine Optimization-xxxx Foreign trade SEO Company" such title more relevant. From the user's point of view, users are looking for Google seo, rather than Bing SEO, from the title look, we can see that although the latter title also contains Google SEO, but its weight has not been given to the former high.

If we grow our title length, the relevance of certain keywords in our title is reduced, and there is a correlation between the other keywords. Should not understand this? Simply say, "Google SEO technology" only talk about the optimization of Baidu technology, and "Google SEO technology _ Learning", should have both technology, and Google's SEO training has a certain correlation. In fact, when we go to search for lower-heat keywords, we can find this rule. Everyone has time to test.

According to the above mentioned then we can be sure that the shorter the title is better? The result is not necessarily.

The overall site needs and users search the keyword has relevance, a user's evaluation experience sharing site, when users search for product evaluation XXX, this page in the search rankings will have a good performance. A test-oriented site, if the title suddenly appeared price, then in the search for the price of XXX products, generally in search results will not have a good performance like Zhongguancun, the Pacific has a large number of different keywords of the site, its approach is to use a different theme two or three-level domain name made a child station, Further, the site has a good performance in search results in each of the subdivided topics. For example, in Zhongguancun, notebook channel, according to TF algorithm, notebook model is the main keyword, and the relevant notebook price or user assessment, etc. are derivative words. Then it is in the notebook model + price or evaluation and so on suffix words have a good performance. Because its website theme is a notebook.

Personal Summary:

The length of the title of the Web page can not be generalized is good or bad, and should be specific problems specific analysis, and site content and site theme and so on. Each related industry has its own keyword search rules. The author's point of view for the site to meet the needs of key words, a natural keyword is often able to get the best results. For example, when a user searches for a particular type of notebook, it may add some basic derivative words, such as price, color, evaluation, and so on, and the user with CPU frequency and screen resolution is relatively small. For this we are in the title optimization, first of all, through the data analysis of the user's search habits, and then on this basis to formulate our title strategy. This article by the Freckle products list 10 strong, reprint please keep our address.

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