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Summary: Who am I? If you focus on 36 Krypton Weibo, I'm the one who gives you the first time every day. At 36 Krypton every day, whether at night 12:30 or in the morning 6, 7, you can find and your passionate work colleagues, in 3

Who am I?

If you focus on 36 Krypton Weibo, I'm the one who gives you the first time every day.

Every day at 36 Krypton, whether at night 12:30 or morning at 6 or 7, you can find colleagues who are passionate about your work, and nearly half of all employees (45% per cent of female employees) are girls at the close of 365 days of Krypton.

So, on such a special day, krypton June invited a special program for female entrepreneurs who are in the same big chest and who are very conscious (ashamed). Mobile Party Please poke me

These beautiful flower female entrepreneurs are curtilage mother (micro-letter public Number: ZHAIMOM) co-founder Shing, clothing + founder Mo, Love said founder Gu Man, hot mom Program co-founder Liu Shiga, goddess of Evolution Temple owner, football from Media man Zhu, the founder of Queen, Moral selection CEO Hua, Niji, co-founder of Juan and Wu Yiying, and Jiliguala co-founder of the joint founder.

As a woman, as a wife, as a mother, entrepreneurship changed their lives. Although the number of times to eat the bubble increased, although coax the child to continue to sleep after the work, but the entrepreneurial let them happier than before, entrepreneurship so that they have the opportunity to help more people to solve the problems they have met. This again reminds me of high heels, for the beautiful we stand on tiptoe, and the delicate characteristics of the inherent to let us face the road is not smooth and can be easily. Shoes are so, life is so, entrepreneurship.

If you are a girl, still because I do not know whether to balance the cause and the family and distress, still worry and confused entrepreneurship can bring you what, may wish to listen to see them on the road of entrepreneurship, have harvested what wonderful.

If 10 years, even five years ago, technology, the Internet, venture in the eyes of most people, I am afraid that only the arena of male competition. As women, we're more and more of a family with this big label forever packing bundle, talking about the relationship between women and the workplace, that is called "unspoken rules" negative words are always lingering, let alone what internet entrepreneurship.

So? As a woman, we can't run like men in the workplace, wearing high heels?

In fact, as early as 200 years ago, the world's first programmer is the girl: the famous British poet Byron's daughter Eda Lafrace Countess.

Back now, Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg is calling on more girls to learn programming together through Lean In (step forward).

In the famous Yc,paul Graham's wife Jessica in a unique feminine way for YC injected the other half can not reproduce the cultural genes, completely ignorant of the technology she has a female perspective at YC with interview a vote veto. In addition, the women founder of the 1/4 of YC each year held a women entrepreneurs conference, want to know what the female entrepreneurs are together when they talk about what, may wish to poke here.

And at 36 Krypton, we've published a lot of articles about female entrepreneurship. My personal impression is very deep is a literary and artistic young woman's contribution, that article's core thought only has one: for Wenqing this kind of "sickness", the pioneering work is the best cure.

Girls, from this day on, forget all the things that have been brought about by gender, put aside those old worries, and face a face-to-face challenge to the times. Even wearing high heels, we have to stand on the runway starting point, so that the life of the marathon run beautiful.

P.S, video clothing + project from the second phase of Krypton space, want to enter the team please note that the fourth phase of the application deadline for March 31, we hold on. If you want to know more about Krypton space, please click here and here.

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