Gong confirm ladder net large-scale layoff domain name tizi.com "dozen Limbo"?

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China (ename.cn) September 12, it is reported that last September, only a high price acquisition of double domain name tizi.com, build ladder nets, and announced in the education platform to invest 150 million of the "Dragon Girl" Gong, confirmed today will be reduced ladder network part of the staff, The decision will shift the focus of business to 91 foreign teachers and that good net. This means that the ladder network will shut down and gradually decline, and the official website domain name?

Figure: Ladder Net

According to the staff of the ladder net, Gong is because saw the news of the mass layoffs, and the ladder network line is too long, and completely free, need to invest in the scale of funds, so the final decision to reduce the front. According to Gong Mail, as early as a few months ago, the ladder network spent the company financing, and Gong has been using their own funds to maintain the company's operations. Industry insiders say it will focus on moving to 91 foreign teachers and the good web, or the best choice.

Through Alexa information query, domain name tizi.com daily average IP (March mean) is 30000, daily average PV (March mean) up to 240000. The average daily IP/PV of the 91 Foreign 91waijiao.com Network (March) were 99000 and 198000 respectively. It is understood that the establishment of the end of 2012 91 foreign Teaching Network, after the failure was "abandoned." Then gong unwilling, decided to pick up 91 foreign teaching nets, and separate split. In a few months, the site has more than 1 million earnings, and this year's revenue has reached 10 times times last year.

Once considered completely shut down 91 foreign education net 91waijiao.com gong, because unwilling to be competitors underestimate, and "teeth" picked up the site, and operation of the vivid. And now the fall of the ladder net of the storm, perhaps just gong the inevitable choice, I believe that the 91 foreign education Network and the good net well, will be picked up the ladder network, to fight bat and other online education surrounded.

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