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Website editors play a very important role in the whole network marketing, Baidu bid many landing pages are article pages. Therefore the website article good and bad directly affects the patient consultation, ultimately affects the entire marketing team's performance. A lot of friends who have done editing are not very understanding of the editor, write the article consciousness is not good enough, do not grasp the writing points, medical investment a lot of money to lead the patients, but did not solve the patient needs to solve or consult the problem, resulting in poor marketing, cost greatly increased. So how do you write a medical article? What are some of the main points of medical writing? Here to share, welcome to Pat Bricks.

Article title Selection

As a network of daily work are writing articles, as time passes, the article piled more and more, think of your article really someone to see? How can we improve the exposure rate? The headline is the core of an article. Thinking about these problems, we have to think about some problems. The following two tips can greatly improve your article exposure rate.

1, the title novel attractive: an attractive article title can at least promote the article click More than one times, avoid sameness. How to be new? For example, with some summary, call words in the title, may bring unexpected results.

2, contains the search volume keywords: the title in the SE ranking factor accounted for a large part of the keyword contains search volume is particularly important. How to choose? For example, use the keyword tool to dig the subjects, and then use Baidu related search to expand, so cycle down, infinite cycle. Don't take for granted the name of the article.

Main points of text writing

The writing of the text must be subject to the problem, the context is closely linked and the focus is outstanding. Many medical web articles are stereotyped. You copy me, I copy you, either start with what the expert says or start with the hospital. Irrelevant of a few, modular article, ramble even more. So how should the article rationally organize the arrangement?

1, the first paragraph to a summary, point out the focus of the article, this can reduce the rate of the site jump, but also to attract patients to continue reading.

2, the article always consider guiding the patient's eyes and try to figure out the patient's psychology, standing in the patient's point of view to write, pay attention to the tone.

3, in the most attractive place or refer to contact information, such as attached online consultation or free telephone and other timely communication tools.

4, learn how to guide the patient what to do next. Some patients do not know what to do after reading the direct turn off, some may look at the page or the passage of the article stopped, do not want to see, so you have to guide him to look down. In particular the article ends boot. If the patient read your article, do not know what to do? You can be a warm reminder of online counseling, communication more effective and so on.

5, reasonable recommended reading. Reasonable recommended reading can give patients a good experience, thereby increasing the viscosity of the site. Increase the likelihood of patient counseling. But inappropriate referrals can backfire. Increases the patient's judgment cost, thus causes the website bounce rate to increase.

6, the article structure reasonable collocation. This collocation is a bit fastidious, for example is writes the treatment The article, treats the treatment to write, but also may bring some advanced equipment, the hospital qualification honor and so on, dispel the patient's psychological concern.

Iii. Self-assessment

After two steps, a complete article is completed. Next you need to stand in the patient's shoes as the first reader. To realize what this article has solved? What are you worried about? This kind of repeated thinking, constantly modified, a perfect marketing article came out.

The above three steps as an editor are complete enough. Life-long learning, constantly improve themselves. However, the most test of the editing may still be writing skills, usually read more articles, accumulated over time can be resolved. When writing an article, first think about what the patient is most concerned about? Use patient psychology to try to think more, help patients solve problems, and then skillfully guide counseling. ok! task completed, the rest of the Consultation bar! haha! This article by the Chengdu Decoration Net stationmaster publishes, if reprint please retain the copyright, thanks the cooperation.

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