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Hefei mother built a station more than a year, from the original garbage station after half a year to recover costs, and then focus on the optimization of a few stations, but also small achievements. Although not to make a lot of money, but slowly explore the establishment of many of the technology and skills of the station. The author is not a computer professional, is entirely amateur webmaster, real grassroots. At present, A5 and Chinaz have sent a few articles about the website hanging Horse and SEO optimization and so on, interested can go to see. Today I want to talk to you about the Site keyword determination and operation, real dry goods, case analysis more convincing, the following into the business.

A site's key words can be divided into key keywords, related keywords, long tail keywords, error keywords and auxiliary keywords Five, master these five key words construction skills, web site traffic will be straight up, optimized, the conversion rate is very high. So what do these nouns mean to a novice? What's the difference between them? How can you operate these keywords to bring high flow and high conversion rate? Don't worry, listen to me slowly.

1 Core keywords also called the target keyword or the main keyword, he is the site construction should be determined at the beginning, it means that our entire site content should be built around the core keywords. Example analysis: Take my recently revised site http://www.koloyo.com, this station is to do the introduction of the game, after several revisions still retain a high weight, snapshot overnight. We can view the source code of the first page, you can see the title section, which includes the site's core keywords: "Slimming coffee" and "slimming coffee." Then all of the content is built around these two words. If it is a personal stationmaster, the core keyword establishes when try to avoid and the competition of the portal website. For example, just this station, if I choose to "Lose weight" or "thin body" to do the core keywords, it is too difficult to optimize. So we can take the next step to avoid competition. Key keywords must be put on the homepage to do, because the first page weight is the highest.

2 Related keywords around we have identified "slimming coffee" and "slimming coffee" These two core keywords, you can derive a lot of relevant keywords. How to find the relevant keywords? We have to take advantage of the convenience of the search engine. Commonly used search engines have the core keywords of the relevant search tips, the words listed here can be used as the site of the relevant keywords, in short, related keywords is the extension of the core keywords. At present, such as Baidu, Yahoo, Google have related search, which Yahoo also has a popular search, these places can not pass the word OH. The home page has been determined to build core keywords, so many related keywords how to build it? We can use the category column to make these relevant keywords. Categories can help us highlight these keywords, while allowing other pages to assist. For example, just the station, I through Baidu related search to determine the "left 360 slimming Coffee" as the relevant keywords, with a column name to operate on it.

3 Long tail keyword Long tail keyword is as the relevant keywords and core keywords another extension. He was established to make it easier for users to find the content they needed more quickly. We can add some descriptive words to the relevant keywords and key keywords, and form a long tail keyword. For example, I in the "left 360 slimming Coffee" on a descriptive phrase will become "left 360 slimming Coffee effect How", "Left 360 slimming coffee where there is selling" and so on, so choose the long tail keyword. It is worth mentioning is: do long tail keyword ranking sometimes than the target keyword brings better results. Because by the long tail keyword brings the flow is often the visitor intention more clear, conversion rate will be higher. Suggest in the long tail keyword hard next time, you will receive the gratifying receipt.

4 wrong key Words before I also did not care too much about the importance of the word, know that later many about the L-carnitine and Taobao site springing up, I noticed the wrong key words bring great benefits. In fact, the so-called wrong keyword is the use of Input Method association words or typos produced. For example, some people spelling mistakes will be left to turn the carnitine to the right minus, will Taobao lost into the treasure, so that the search engine will help visitors according to the wrong keywords list your web page, thus bringing traffic. But do not underestimate these wrong keywords Ah, the author in this respect to eat a great loss. You try to search left-right minus and dig a treasure net women look at Baidu return search results, and then check the two words Baidu Index, is not very shocking?

5 Auxiliary Keywords We can take into account the unique properties of the product, think about the visitors may enter what words to find the information needed, such as product brand, name, geographical and so on, will become auxiliary keywords. For example, for weight loss coffee we can determine the following auxiliary keywords: "Kebana left 360 slimming Coffee", "Shanghai Self-cultivation Hall Slimming Coffee" and so on. Doing a good job of supporting keywords will also bring unexpected surprises to our website.

OK, this time through an example analysis of keyword positioning on the importance of the development of the site and everyone to share here. This article Department of L-carnitine coffee (http://www.0551xy.com/) webmaster Hefei Mother Original, reproduced please keep the link.

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