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For network products, endorsement is not a conventional marketing ideas, for example, Taobao, Baidu and Tencent's main image is not necessarily to use the star endorsement, but in a less fashionable product, it is possible to use the image of celebrities, but the direct use of celebrity endorsement for the global network industry giants are rare, In a way it is a manifestation of weakness.

So see since the media holding a Wu network product endorsement ads picture to get a little funny, Baidu a search on the product is Wu endorsement, why want to quiz? Of course, Tencent's product is also known as the rich second-generation, the investment in advertising is huge, but products, users and Word-of-mouth are quite general, did so many years, the market share also does not necessarily have Baidu just do mobile phone guards and mobile phone helper users, so, network industry giants if the spokesperson to play advertising, Basically is a weak product wants superior performance.

Back to the Spring Festival Gala topic, as a new spring festival during the palace Dou drama, has staged a few decades, but even if the director into Feng Xiaogang, also can not escape the following logic: Early set up, media follow-up, netizens guess, ratings dropped, encounter spit, CCTV Sofforth data higher, some netizens spit slot ... Cannon attack ...

Oh, there's no doubt that the advertisers figure has not entered the holiday, there will be media turned out the seats of the Spring Festival Gala is left to advertisers, according to different levels of the order of the seats, the chance of showing a different; According to this statement, a belly black "boss, you hit so much money on the Spring Festival gala, investors know?" "Baidu on the Spring Festival Gala pulled out to fry a ...

In 2009, Baidu Q1 earnings telephone communication meeting, Baidu Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jennifer admitted that Baidu when the season's marketing costs 40 million, most to the CCTV, an uproar. The appreciative person thinks, Baidu advertisement does well, Li's appearance, although the public many do not know Robin Li's face, critics think this is Baidu's previous CCTV report "Internet false Medicine" advertising crisis PR, but as the network industry giants, Baidu and CCTV game has not stopped, the show is behind.

You know, then the rapid development of the network industry, the network company's influence daily increase, attract the amount of money is also a huge number; In particular, the network industry in the Spring Festival Gala Drama's position also more and more important.

In fact, the Spring Festival evening selection and Sina Micro-blog cooperation, but also a new media innovation, but netizens ' attention to the Spring Festival gala is spit-like; the network of changes to the Spring Festival Gala is not only on the content of the changes, the Spring Festival Gala has flooded a large number of network jokes and network hot words, but also from head to toe influence Spring Festival evening Gongdou Trend-who will be red, who is

Internet companies in the Spring Festival Gala the status of the drama is also more important, in addition to content and topic level, but also to pull the Spring Festival evening advertising value of the direct effect.

For a lot of friends who are concerned about the Internet industry, attention to the Spring Festival evening and the Spring Festival Gala appeared in the internet company's advertising film has become a big reservation program, Alibaba, Taobao, Tencent, Jingdong, the United States Regiment, Giants and so on the company's brand or product advertising has appeared before the Spring Festival Gala, in this valuable period, Internet companies have replaced the status of many traditional industry advertisers ... However, for these from the network industry's rich and rich advertisers, commentators tend to tut: 315 party is not to see the advertising of XX company, haha!

The subtext is that the Spring Festival gala for the network company's product pull function is limited, subject to the national conditions during the Spring Festival, the network industry traffic and network company's revenue are facing a downward trend, will rebound after the Spring Festival, this is the Chinese Internet industry, one of the biggest seasonal factors-such as writing this article I, During the Spring Festival, the main task is to eat and drink fireworks, and not as usual holding a notebook to write articles holding pad watching the United States play as well as by the WiFi brush mobile phone, during the spring Festival, the mobile phone with, but only brush micro Bo and micro-letter just.

Perhaps from the brand level, to borrow this global audience most of the party before or in the face, closer and the user's feelings, this is a good thing, but for the previous article said the relatively weak network products, but also learn a lot of browser hit the ticket card, both use and pull products and brands, smart way.

In the Spring Festival gala, "Hard wide content implantation" drama, from the network industry has become more powerful, but not all are the most intelligent, at present it seems the most intelligent one is undoubtedly Zhao Benshan sketch appeared in Sohu. As a content implant, by the small Shenyang and Shan Sankou broadcast "Sohu" in the follow-up countless replay, do not know how many users at least know that Sohu is able to search things, and strengthen the entertainment of Sohu, but this effect will be very difficult to repeat it, and do not say that less content is being replayed and multicast less, And because of the copyright reason, the video website to the Spring Festival evening content crawl also receives many restrictions.

But there are also clever ways to appear, such as the hottest Korean drama star Min, in the confirmation to the Spring Festival evening, in Tencent opened the micro-vision, can be foreseen in the Spring Festival file, micro-vision should use the most fire Han to do a round of spread it; for example, the Spring Festival gala, the biggest dark horse Shanyun, is singing and to yellow Bo write word that, Feng Xiaogang's hand-picked grounding of the singer, has a strong Tudou brand, in the potato to build the documentary "Into the Tibetan" theme song is Shanyun singing, and the potato app theme song is Shanyun sing, well, potatoes in the Spring Festival Gala is also earned.

Finally, the Internet company's tyrants is not only reflected in the Spring Festival Gala, in outdoor advertising, in print ads, in the subway ads ... From the Internet company's launch also occupies more and more proportion, is like the electric Corps buys the hand to save the elevator advertisement, has the advertisement from the Internet, the traditional media should steal the music, the Spring Festival Gala also CCTV is no exception.

See, this is the power of the media, this is the network industry to show the best time for muscle, 5 million to buy the first time Robin Li will not have only one, the successor to follow.

Beat it.

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