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"Black Swan" box office Word-of-mouth win "cave" habitat runner-up "Modern Exorcist" third Sina Entertainment News 2011 Annual Oscar ceremony will be held in Beijing time February 28 Monday, the popular nomination film "Black Swan", "Earth Thunder" and so on were selected in Hong Kong on the eve of the awards, including "Black Swan"  The first day of the 740,000 Hong Kong dollar box office won the box office and Word-of-mouth win, it is estimated that the Oscar will be the hot wind and blow over 10 million Hong Kong dollars, but the "ground thunder" market performance a bit "stuffy", the first day less than 100,000 Hong Kong dollars. This week's box office highlights: 1.  Oscar's best Actress Portman starring in the drama thriller "Black Swan", by the Oscar's "westerly" blown to the Hong Kong market, the first day at the box office of HK $740,000, is a masterpiece of this kind of drama is both applauded and popular.  2. Another Oscar-hit film, "Earth Thunder", became a "dumb thunder", with only about HK $80,000 on the first day of the box office, in stark contrast to the "Black swan" applause.   3. "Caves" led by the 3D, the second Thursday box office fell by about half, and the top 10 of the box office, also from the last Thursday's Hong Kong dollar 2.74 million to HK $2.37 million. Table 1: Hong Kong box Office list (February 24, 2011) Position piece Name box office (HK $) Number of theaters opening days cumulative box office (HK $) 1 "Black Swan" 743936 38 1 74 2 "caves" 573733 36 8 1405 3 "Modern Exorcist" 364481 33 1 36 4 "Woo USS Yamato "230614 22 1 23 5" Do not seek return "118472 28 15 423 6" I know Women's heart "94111 34 8 273" Earth Thunder "7 80512 8 1" Happy Long Live "8 8 60494 33 22 hours 2622 5943 25 15 609 10 comedy show 49976 17 8 105 Table 2: Hong Kong Top ten cumulative box office rankings (February 24, 2011) Titles cumulative box-office (HK $) 1 "Gulliver's Travels" 3112 2 "Happy Long Live" 2622 3 "New Shaolin" 2041 4 "the most Strong Happy Event "2014 5" Long hair Princess 1439 6 "caves" 1405 7 "Green Hornet" 1392 8 "Let the Bullets Fly" 1217 9 "Meet father-in-law Adult 3" 953 10 "Magic Hero" 813 "Black Swan" box office reputation win before and after the "Earth Thunder" market of the placid Oscar awards There will be some excellent works in the Hong Kong market to become a small dark horse, such as in recent years, "rejuvenation", "encoffined," and so on, all by Oscar's West Wind blew the Hong Kong market, achieved noVulgar box office and Word-of-mouth.  And this year's best actress of the number one seed, is undoubtedly by virtue of the Aronofsky "Black Swan" shortlisted Portman, the story of the female Ballet in Hong Kong on the first day of the film, it won the box-office results of HK $740,000, it appears that the award will be through the potential to break through 10 million. "Black Swan" is Aronofsky after "wrestling king" after another description of the situation of the human struggle and human nature of the masterpiece, since its release in North America last December, Portman has won the award for the best Actress in the Golden Globes, as well as the 12 awards nominated by the American Film Critics Association,  Even at 13 million of dollars of low-cost in North America has made billions of box-office (the global box office has exceeded 200 million U.S. dollars), it can be said that the box office and Word-of-mouth have a very prominent performance. The film was recently landed in Hong Kong and Taiwan Film Market, in Taipei by the film critics praised as "this year's most High-profile Gold Award." The unique charm of a consistent beauty and elegance, this time Portman turned into a charming and slender ballet Nina ... In the face of such great threats and psychological pressure, Nina began digging deeper into her own dark side, take off the coat of a good girl, like a black swan hug the black soul, step by step toward the brink of destruction "" In addition to the beautiful attractive dance performances, the whole film with psychological tension of the way, present to the dark side of the exploration and struggle, Portman from innocence to full of temptation magic of the wonderful acting, from the limb to the eyes are bold to show the heroine Nina's complex mood changes, can be called Portman Personal career Peak, many Hong Kong viewers also in the Internet forum gave a full score of the evaluation, great praise actress superb acting.  The 740,000 Hong Kong dollar, the first day of the box office, compared to a lot of business films are much better, not to mention the Monday Oscars, the final box of "Black Swan" is expected to contribute to the Oscar to break the 10 million Hong Kong dollar. However, another popular film, "Thunder of the Earth," which is high in the Oscars, won the reputation and the box office is not very good. The film is considered to be the Cohen brothers "back to the past more warm and humorous style, in a more modern way, to reproduce the 1969 John Wayne's Western film classic" Earth Thunder "...  Seemingly old-fashioned plot, but broke the western film traditional black and white two-yuan opposition, full of malice and barbarism, courage and disappointment, tenacity and resilience of the discussion, but also let the film presented a more complex human nature and value exploration, can be called the Cohen Brothers to create a Western legend another classic, it is worth a look.  The film has been at the box office in North America for nearly 165 million dollars, but its overseas box office is obviously not like the "Black Swan" as the heat, so far less than HK $300,000, which Hong Kong's first-day box office has less than HK $100,000, far from the "thunder" effect, but with good Word-of-mouth help, the film is expected to exceed HK $1 million. "Cave" fell about half, the exorcism of the Battle of the master Yamato number last week's Hong Kong box office title "Cave", thenThe "Black Swan" hot reflected the box office fell about 50%, fell to the runner-up.  However, the film has now accumulated 14.05 million Hong Kong dollars, with the support of 3D, is still expected to enter 19 million or even 20 million Hong Kong dollars. The third fourth place in the box office is the new film "Modern Exorcist" and "The Cosmic Battleship Yamato". The former "Modern Exorcist" is "Spy Sea", "1408" director Mikhel Haverstrom's latest works, and by the old play Bone Anthony starring. The film is based on the American journalist Matt Batlo's novel Ritual: Modern Exorcism, but unfortunately the film after the release of Bad Word-of-mouth, the market performance than expected.  The latter "cosmic Battleship Yamato" can be said to be Japan's "theme film", but the lack of charisma outside Japan, despite the concentration of Kimura, black wood yarn and other stars, but Hong Kong's first day at the box-office only about HK $230,000.  "No Return", "I Know Women heart" and other films, the box office has dropped to about 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, "I Know woman heart" although there are Andy Lau and Gong Li, but the film's Hong Kong appeal is not strong, the release of 8 days plus the Priority box office only 2.73 million Hong Kong dollars, is expected to stagnate before HK $3.5 million.  However, the top 10 box-office receipts in Thursday amounted to HK $2.37 million, and the recent rise in Hong Kong's box office was unlikely to be too obvious compared with a decline of about 14% in the last Thursday. Next week's new film: Key fourth and King's Speech will be the day of the Oscars next week, and Oscar-hit films continue to log on to Hong Kong cinemas, such as the best Actor's popular film "The King's Speech," which is easy to release on March 3 and competes with Hollywood's newest sci-fi high definition film "key fourth".  In 2010, the most highly rated European, Alexandro Gonzalez Is the latest film "Beauty Wrong" will also be released on the same day. In addition, Lasse Kecs starring thriller "Witch Season", the Japanese animation action film "Naruto Wind: The Lost Tower" will be released next Thursday, and the 3D dance film "Carmen 3D" is selected on March 5 in Saturday. (Itsuki)
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