How do hackers make money on the Internet?

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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

"Too many money-making doorways."

Hacker Ditty (alias) of the network black Gold and "hacker" sink quite disappointed, recently he told reporters he knew the insider, opened the network underground black gold industry iceberg.

"Some people invade the network game server to steal virtual currency, game user account, and then sold to middlemen, middlemen through sales channels to make a fortune."

Some people launder money by stealing bank card accounts, securities trading accounts, and credit card accounts. Some control the sensitive host to steal information, and then sell the information, some invade the router, and then sell control rights to people, and some through control puppet machine, bulk intrusion into the host and other ways, to some sites to launch denial of service attacks, and then blackmail website operators. ”

"The loopholes we don't know are very valuable. Now both domestic and foreign have open or private loopholes to buy the market. Some "hackers" to see who out of the price to sell to. ”

"There are hackers" rely on other people to design hacker tools to access other people's servers, private information to find someone else, ID number can also be sold. ”

Network underground industry chain

"China's network of black gold market has been industrialized, stolen number, sales one-stop." The upstream of the underground industry chain is the person who specializes in hacking tools, midstream is a network of attackers and hacker tools of abuse, they launched a variety of cyber attacks, or hacking tools to do zombie network, rental, sale, blackmail have a division of labor, downstream is the middleman and buyers, as long as you make a botnet, online immediately someone will help you sell. There are many middlemen on the internet. and buyers buy Zombie networks, of course, to attack others. ”

Ditty said, network Black gold market in the end how big, I am afraid no one can not say. He said that some "hackers", hundreds of thousands of yuan a year is no problem. There are "hackers" in order to make money, not only to invade other people's computers, but also to prevent the virus and backup files deleted, so crazy has broken the moral bottom line.

Who is "hacking" in mass production?

In people's minds, "hackers" are those who master the computer technology of the mysterious people, the fact is not exactly the case.

Reporter to understand that, with the network underground economic prosperity, more and more people realize that mastering a certain hacker technology can be in a short time to dig a large number of network black gold. Some people to the hacker technology worship and the pursuit of money, so that hackers technical training began to use virtual space to develop. "Hacker crash class" constantly appear, batch manufacturing new "hacker". Then the new "hacker" with ready-made hacker tools into the network of the World "gold", a variety of cheat extortion and theft of endless.

Open the Internet, you can find a lot of hacker websites. These sites often communicate with hackers, some open classes, training new people.

A hacker alliance is a civil hacker organization, on the organization's website, there are a lot of information on how to become a "hacker" article, called "RPC vulnerability Intrusion" article, detailed description of "hacker" How to implement a vulnerability intrusion. In the article "How to become a hacker", the organization provides a detailed list of learning basics, learning goals, and learning plans, including the knowledge and tools that hackers must master, as well as practical skills.

There has been a "hacker" analogy into the network society Shangjian into the world of people, there are also rogue. If the hacker tool is the sword of these people's hands, the sword's pros and cons directly affect the ability of the hacker attack. As long as there is demand in the network, hacker tool trading market will not be absent online. Some of the domestic well-known software download site, there are free hacker tools to download. Some of the technology-leading, aggressive hacking tools need to be paid to buy.

"Hacker knowledge and the proliferation of hacker tools, so that the threshold of" hackers increasingly low, after a short training crash of young "hackers" constantly produced. 6 years ago, there were one thousand or two thousand people in the country who were interested in hacking technology, which now far exceeds that figure. Eagle, the head of the Chinese Hawks League, told reporters. Academician Fang of Chinese Academy of Engineering believes that the main reason for the increase in Chinese "hackers" is the proliferation of hacking tools. "In the real world, people know they can't buy and sell guns. In the Cyber society, there is no law to restrict the sale of these cyber weapons. As long as master hacker tools, even if there is no high hacker technology, you can launch a cyber attack. ”

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