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Now many friends do top-level domain name ranking will be, outside the chain, the chain, various methods are used, but for the directory site, or some single page of the more difficult, how to do a single page site optimization? How to achieve no chain, do not do friendship links and single chain and station group. Do not update, do not do within the chain, a single page How to achieve high index rankings today focus on how to achieve this effect. Baidu recently adjusted the algorithm. A site with excellent layout for a single page will give an unexpected ranking. Of course, this depends on how you write the article, the structure of the reasonable layout. And to achieve this ranking, I did not say is the home page, may be a very good level of the directory. Do not send out the chain, does not mean not to Baidu submitted, so that Baidu can be included. Do not do friendship links can be understood, now do not do friendship are able to get a good ranking, do not make a single chain, this can also be overlooked, single chain is just more than friendship links effect better. The station group is even more needless to say, this kind of thing is too demanding. Do not update, a single page update do, do not do within the chain refers to the whole station can not find the link to this page.

Single page optimization Implementation method

So let's take a look at how to layout a single page, an excellent single page must conform to the following features.

1. Illustrated

2. The article is original, and has authoritative characteristics, such as industry adjustment report in this form.

3. The title covers keywords, such as doing SEO the word, then we can search under the 2k12 this page ranking are those sites, have those characteristics, in line with those user groups, we found that the site is downloaded, then these sites only brought a user, game download users. If we want to achieve this word, we have to do something different, do some of the same Web site to reinterpret the concept of the word, drive a variety of user groups, so that Baidu will give a high evaluation. We can write a 2k12 survey report, or 2k12 game rules, and so on, such as authoritative articles.

3. Since it is a single page, a single page of all the text must be around 2k12 this keyword expansion, the code with the simplest HTML code, structure with a DIV structure, add a small number of CSS calls. The Div property is 123456 minutes and six layers. Each layer describes a long tail keyword. For example, the first floor H1 a word 2k12. The second layer H2 what is 2k12 "attach content" The third layer 2k12 how to play "attached content" and so on. The text of each paragraph must be maintained at 200-300 words. The beginning end must have long tail keyword collocation. For example, the second layer of what is 2k12. Content can be described. What is 2k12, then what do we see on the Web 2k11? These are the long tail word collocation.

4. Three major labels, write only the title. Keywords and description tags do not. Based on Baidu indexing behavior, we can effectively in a single page to implement more long tail keywords.

5. Domain name must be more than three years, the server must be independent IP. The program must be in plain HTML form. 2k12 This page must be a level two directory.

6. Submit this single page of Baidu.

7. Home daily through the external chain drainage 400 IP. To ensure that the user bounce rate between 50%-60%, the depth of access rate and the rate of clicks and replies should be maintained within a certain parameters.

8. Lasts two months. 2k12 This page to wait for rank. I say the ranking is not necessarily the first, maybe 20 or less.

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