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In the beginning of the new station should not be too much external links, should focus on the content of construction, the author has made such a mistake, the site has just been built, the content has not been perfect, and desperately to the search engine to do outside the chain Kungfu, just start ranking may be very high, but soon into the sandbox, too much outside the chain of growth, Whether Baidu optimization or Google optimization, are not desirable. In other words, just start to keep doing outside the chain, but in a certain period of time, you can keep the number of Web site updates and the growth of the chain stability, but also good. In fact, many new stations are directed to the flow to do outside the chain, that is, website promotion. So, what is the early stage of the new station suitable for the promotion of work? The author concludes that there are five aspects:

The first aspect: get the traffic through a lot of long tail keywords

In simple terms, by understanding the needs of users, and constantly enrich the content of the site, for example, I want to do the key word is Warren Buffett, I passed Baidu related search or long tail keyword mining tools, found the following related long tail keyword, Warren Buffett's investment approach, Warren Buffett's strategy, Share Buffett's thought feast and so on. Long tail longer, less competitive, if a long tail keyword to bring a flow, then you do 10,000 long tail, is not 10,000 IP traffic, what is not for it.

The second aspect: through the video production, the speed obtains the flow

Video positioning, your site relevance of the video, suitable for the crowd, and then targeted to do the promotion. For example, I am a game-type site, I through the production of video, sharing my game technology and skills, production finished, I put the major video portals in China, such as Youku, potatoes, cool six of these. Each video is added at the end of the note, which is the external link to your site. Do a good video, I am in Baidu, such as a game bar, such a forum, the release of their own video. The premise is to choose a popular, large flow of places.

The third aspect: through the writing soft text, publishes to the high Weight website

Have the condition, has the fund stationmaster friend, may consider spends some money, publishes some big portals to China, like Tencent, Sina, it world and so on. Spread fast, enhance the visibility of the site. When your So-and-so website, Baidu to do the first, you can write soft text, in the content of the article or the final note of your website, users feel that your article to attract him, so that users through Baidu search your website, directly improve the flow.

The fourth aspect: through QQ Group, QQ Group Mail Promotion website

QQ group promotion, I divide it into four steps: one, choose suitable for your website to promote the QQ group. Second, add QQ Group, three, set up their own QQ group. Four, through the Group mail release link. But to note that: less members of the group as far as possible, we suggest that you as much as possible to add some high-level group, ordinary, can not add. Join the QQ group, to modify the group of business cards, such as your site name. Conditional webmaster Friends, you can build some senior group, and then find a few effective administrators, help you manage QQ group. In the ordinary group chat, you can properly send some of your website watermark image, thus imperceptible, let users remember your site.

The fifth aspect: builds through the blog group, publishes the article

Just new blog, is no weight, that is, included in the article, Baidu, Google rankings are not high, like the author, I have their own blog group, the number is not very high, but the weight is high. Blog Non-stop mass I am not very optimistic, I think the best or artificial raise bo. So many blogs, it is not possible to publish the article one by one, because it will be exhausting people, I am how to operate, for example, I posted 10 articles on my website today, after Baidu included these 10 articles, I will post to all my blogs, and finally publish to other places, such as some websites related to my website and forum. Note: Original articles are important.

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