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WordPress management of the background of the emergence of multiple directional problems, the author met the first time yesterday. The specific performance is the administrator and users can not login backstage, seemingly infinite loop or can not jump at all. We all know that when the user does not log in, you enter the login such as your domain name/wp-admin or wp-login.php, only the user name and password is correct, will be redirected to the worpress background (by default), but the author contacted a website situation is the following situation as shown ( Google browser Browse):


This problem clearly prevented WordPress from redirecting the implementation. After a number of search and analysis, the following points are worth your reference:

First, for the site migration most likely to appear this problem

If you are migrating to a site such as migrating from one server to another and the domain name is different, and after the migration, the original server resolution stopped, then this problem is likely to appear in your website domain name and site address did not correct changes caused. or migrate locally to the server. The solution is to login to the database, find Wp_options->option_name, modify the current domain name can be.

Second, expired plug-ins caused by

In the WordPress plug-in library, there are many no longer updated plug-ins, with the WordPress version of the continuous upgrade, many plug-ins are not in time to follow up. This causes the WordPress backstage to have the problem that redirects. This solution is through the FTP login site installation directory, into the plug-in directory, the plugin directory renamed, and then a new plug-in directory, the name of the previous directory name, but the inside is empty. You can usually log in. Then enable the plug-in in turn to troubleshoot the problem.

Third, the new installation of WordPress Why will have this problem

I encountered the new installation of WordPress, but also appeared in this problem. It's a little confusing. But this can be sure to tell you that this is caused by server configuration. In fact, this is not limited to WordPress, other web systems also encountered this problem. The server firewall was analyzed incorrectly, or the server security configuration is too high. Whatever the reason, if you do not have the permissions of the server, it is more difficult to solve the problem from the server itself. The following two methods are available:

1. Modify wp-config.php File

Judging from the browser, is a cookie problem, so from this perspective to solve. Open the wp-config.php file and add the following lines of code:

Define (' Admin_cookie_path ', '/');d efine (' Cookie_domain ', ");d efine (' Cookiepath ',");d efine (' Sitecookiepath ', ");

Save the test to see.

2. Modify the. htaccess file

Login via FTP link, right click Edit, add the following code above in # BEGIN WordPress line:

ErrorDocument 401 Default

Save the test to see.

In general, the above method can solve the problem.

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