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With the commercialization trend of micro-blogging more and more strong, many individuals or businesses have begun to use micro-bleomycin for their ads, not afraid of the effect of advertising is poor, fear of micro-Bo fans a small number. The number of fans too little to put too much advertising also has no effect, So today's individuals or businesses or businesses are all opening a microblog for themselves and then crazy to add fans. Because we all know that the more the number of fans the more the effect of advertising, and as an operational forum for me, to share how I use the micro-bleomycin Promotion forum.

First, the first is to set up for themselves and the company to open a micro-blog account. The content of personal microblog can be casually done, but try to do some content related to the forum. The company's microblog account is specifically for the forum operation, specifically to do the content of the forum.

Second, micro-blog accounts are open after a good way to open the Boga fans, fans must do more than 1W to do the promotion, and how to do the promotion please refer to my earlier article (how to do 10 days microblogging fans add to 1W)

Third, when the fans do 1W after the start of the promotion, personal micro-blog to do is to forward the content of the company Weibo, and the company's micro-blog content is all the content of the forum, when doing content to the forum to add links (this is to increase the focus of IP). And the light on their own micro-bleomycin promotion, the effect is far from enough to promote, To borrow and some fans to reach millions of microblogging users to help you promote, and how to help you promote the forum through them?

I have the following points to share: 1. Dedicated to find some of the fans to reach 500,000 microblogging users, at least to find 50 (Sina Weibo fan number of 500,000 is not in the minority), and then through a number of letters or QQ contact or is a contributor to the channel to ask them to forward for us, The effect of their forwarding is very obvious. 2. When looking for these users, we need to find some users who are related to our forum content. Because with my content is not related to users, regardless of our content to do any better, people can not help us forward. 3. Some microblogging users will be happy to promote you as long as they can win each other. For example, I have a microblogging support user (mop Weibo), he brings the promotion effect is very powerful, he has a Twitter network, as long as you do the forum content to his Twitter, his microblog will help you promote, so your forum will be in a very short period of time IP number will increase.

I believe that in the next few years, the use of micro-blogging advertising companies will increase in the trend of growth, and micro-bo advertising war will be how to replace the current media ads? We'll see.

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