Hubei cracked Mega Series Network gambling case involved gambling more than 20 billion

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Jing Chu Network news June 11 Xianning Public Security Bureau announced that, together with the gambling reached 50 billion yuan, was the Ministry of Public Security into the major case of the large series of network gambling cases, in our province basically broken.

It is reported that the network gambling case involving online betting, betting on horses, gambling "baccarat" and "lottery", and compensation through the online banking and electronic payment platform for gambling delivery, tens of thousands of personnel from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other 10 provinces and cities, the case alarmed the Ministry of Public Security.

September 2007, Xianning Police investigation found that Yong (Xianning) and other people in Xianning use the Internet to open gambling sites. September 28, after obtaining the relevant evidence, the police to Yong, Chanjin and other people suspected of opening a casino crime case investigation, further discovered that Wuhan people Gu Xiaoyan, Liu and other casino crime. After instructions to higher public security organs, Xianning Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force. July 2008, the Ministry of Public Security of the case as the Ministry of the case, and designated our province Xianning Public Security Bureau is responsible for investigation.

From September 28, 2007 to date, the police deployed a lean police force, one after another seized Yong, Liu, Gu Xiaoyan, Peng Zhenghua, Huang and other 5 open casino criminal gangs. Currently, 4 members of the Huang gang are being tried by the court and 27 members of the other 4 criminal gangs have been sentenced. Among them, the gang principal Gu Xiaoyan, Liu were sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment respectively, the other members were sentenced to different penalties.

This series of network gambling gangs for the purpose of illegal profit, in the network to open a gambling website or for overseas gambling sites as agents, the development of the line, absorbing members, accept bets, gambling, gambling, horse and other criminal activities, involved in gambling amounted to more than 50 billion yuan.

This series of network gambling case, is a new type of crime, with a large amount of gambling, the number of participants, concealment of the modus operandi, difficult to obtain evidence, and so on, since the founding of the rare. At the same time, criminal gangs through the underground banks and other forms, the transfer of gambling, resulting in a large amount of capital flows abroad. Only Gu Xiaoyan gangs, a week to the overseas funds to reach billions of dollars.

Initially identified, the series of criminal gangs are also suspected of organizing personnel in the mainland to Macao to participate in gambling and clearing gambling in the mainland of the criminal facts. At present, the case is being further investigated, the relevant situation police will be published in due course.

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