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In the case of China's rapid economic development, once people have avoided the loan has become a commonplace, the major banks and financial companies launched the mortgage car loans, long-term short-term types of loans emerging, people's economic pressure is an indisputable fact, For some small and medium-sized enterprises and some Web site developers, the difficulty of lending is also a headache, banks complicated formalities and the high threshold, the financial company a pile of stealth conditions have become a loan difficult factors, many webmasters want to use domain name as collateral to carry out loans, but the domain name in the country for a variety of reasons has been unable to become collateral , now, the credit net (www.zundai.com) launched the Domain name Mortgage loan is the first domain name as a guarantee to carry out the loan method, in the domain name of the recognized value based on the enterprise and individuals to provide mortgage business. Simple procedures, quick loans, reasonable charges, one-stop full-service. and respect Credit Network (www.zundai.com) with rigorous attitude and the principle of customer supremacy to create a security, integrity of the network of credit platform, we standardize the personal credit behavior, so that each one through the respect of the network platform trading customers have benefited and protection.


Respect Credit Network (www.zundai.com) domain name Mortgage can be said to have not seen before! A lot of domain name investors think, respect credit net of this top business is a good news to the domestic domain name field! It is understood that there are many domain name investors to the domain name as collateral, successfully from the respect of loans to solve the shortage of funds.

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