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Absrtact: Recently, LGD in Guangzhou, China, the 8.5-generation panel line was officially completed and put into production. About this product line, there are these information points, we need to understand: 1, investment scale of 4 billion U.S. dollars, belong to Guangdong province's major investment projects. This is LGD company in Korea Ben


Recently, LGD in Guangzhou, China, the 8.5-generation panel line was officially completed and put into production. About this product line, there are these information points, you need to understand:

1. Investment scale

Investment of 4 billion U.S. dollars, belong to Guangdong Province, a major project. This is the LGD company's first high generation panel line (8.5 generation) outside the Korean mainland. Starting this month, the factory has a monthly capacity of 60,000, up to 120,000 a year in the future.

2. Shareholder composition

Shareholder composition, LGD accounted for 70%, Skyworth accounted for 10%, the rest by the Canton Kay Technology Development Co., Ltd. held.

3, Product line overview

The main production of 55 inches, 49 inches and 42-inch high-definition and Full HD products.

Through the above information points, we can basically draw 3 conclusions:

1. LGD manufacturing cost and logistics cost reduction

All along, China's home appliance manufacturers to LGD panel demand, is entirely dependent on imports. The entry of local chemical plants means that LGD can achieve better cost control, thus providing more competitive products.

In particular, LGD is the world's largest panel maker and its ranking in the Chinese market is unknown, but it is certainly not the first. For LGD, cost control and convenient logistics are beneficial for LGD to provide competitive power.

2, the domestic appliance market demand is LGD shunt

The day of the press conference, sharp observation of a few, the presence of the big shots have these, Lenovo Group vice President Jia Chaohui, Konka TV chairman, Konka president, Hisense Electric general manager Liu Hongnio, Skyworth Vice President Liu Yan branch, Haier TV deputy general manager Liu.

No accident, the above manufacturers will be without exception to become LGD buyers. Similar to the BoE, huaxing photoelectric and other manufacturers, will attach importance to this player.

3, Tcl is likely to be the biggest impact

Tcl's earnings show that the company's financial contribution, huaxing Photovoltaic panel played an absolute main role. For Tcl, LGD is not good news for Tcl.

The main cost of television has been the screen, and some users have a perception that lgd, sharp and Samsung screens are superior to those of Chinese Taiwanese manufacturers and mainland Chinese manufacturers.

However, in the short term, Tcl has nothing to worry about, because the two sides are basically differentiated competition, we are competing for the main product line, huaxing Photoelectric main panel size is 32 inches, 48 inches and 55 inches, of which 32-inch shipments are particularly large.

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