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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, the revised implementation rules will commence from 0 o'clock on May 29, 2012. June 5, 2009 implementation of the "China Internet Network Information Center," the implementation of the rules of domain name registration abolition.

CNNIC modified the original "China Internet Network Information Center domain name registration Implementation Rules" 14th on the subject of domain name registration, and added special chapters on the protection of domain name registration information, at the same time, for domain name registration, transfer, renewals and other links to improve. The main changes are as follows:

I. On the increase of domain name registration subject. "Any natural person or an organization capable of taking civil liability independently may apply for the registration of a domain name under the top-level domain name specified in these rules", that is, the subject of domain name registration is extended to natural persons.

Second, on the Domain name registration information protection. In order to enhance the security of the information of the domain name registrant, the revised implementation rules shall strengthen the security protection of the user's information through detailed provisions on the transmission, preservation and destruction of the registration data and the processing of the domain name registration information when the registration service organization exits.

Third, on the domain name renewal confirmation period. The implementation rules stipulates that "the domain name expires automatically into the 30th renewal confirmation period, if the user confirms the renewal fee within this period, the Domain name registration service shall have the right to cancel the domain name if it is not renewed in writing, and the Domain name registration service shall have the right to cancel the domain name after 30th if the user does not express the fee in writing and does not renew the fee within 30th.

Cnnic said. CN and. Chinese domain name to the natural person after opening, will not make the malicious registration event further expansion, and pointed out that the relevant dispute has been related to the settlement process. For the previous use of false information to register the relevant domain name of individual users, CNNIC will conduct relevant certification, to provide users with a domain name registration of the opportunity to transfer.

. cn Domain Name "roller coaster" course

1.2007 years March, CNNIC launched the ". cn domain Name 1 yuan/year" promotional offers, as a huge incentive,. The Register of CN domain name immediately soared.

2. In 2008, the number of Chinese domain names, including the. cn domain name, had surpassed Germany by 12.36 million. de domain name, leaped to the world's top-level domain name Total first.

3.CNNIC to tighten the CN domain name registration policy, from December 14, 2009 9 o'clock to stop the registration of individual users, but also closed the overseas register CN domain name channels. This is a turning point, the total number of CN domain name from the peak of the tens don't fall to today's about 3 million, just two years, CN Domain name will fall from Heaven to hell, after a slump can not be overturned.

4.2011 years December CN domain Name Total 3528511, set the highest level of the year, but the 2011 CN domain name has been in this month to fall in the cycle, the rate of change in the 100,000 or so, it has fallen to the bottom of the essence of hard to rebound has not been fundamentally changed.

It seems that the ups and downs of the years, Personal registration is a key to the success or failure of the. cn domain Name, 09 cnnic a knife-cutting means, the CN domain name plummeted, now reopen the CN domain name of the individual registration, as many netizens commented, the policy of changing behind people feel uneasy, whether we still buy, we can believe, still need time to verify, we are still in wait and see state. However, cnnic this policy was introduced in order to save the CN domain name has been critical freezing point situation.

Originally as early as January 18, 2010, CNNIC has studied the drafting of individual registered domain name open program, and to promote the "Domain name registration implementation Rules" of the relevant provisions of the amendment, to the two-year period before the introduction of the policy, we should believe that Cnnic has a comprehensive thinking, There is little likelihood of change over a long period of time, and policy implementation will become more and more mature over time. We put aside policy considerations, strict selection of reputable registrars, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the policy, but all this unnecessary unease will be destroyed. For example, linkage World (www.72e.net) is CNNIC and ICANN double certified Registrars, CN domain name only 48 yuan, buy 3 send 1, agent only 29 yuan, name Domain name is low to 15 yuan.

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