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With the long tail keyword by a lot of webmaster are step-by-step from recognition to focus, and began to operate their own web site related long tail words, this is a site for the development of new stations in particular, the choice of long tail keyword is the best, after all, compared to a lot of high index of the keywords are some of the better weight of the old station occupied. So we can choose to start from the long tail word to do the flow, the effect is quite considerable, then how to do long tail keywords? Today I share some business experience, I hope to help you webmaster.

Do long tail keyword, not blindly to do, remember to from zero and end. Then we have to do before the first to collect, digging long tail keywords, the general words can be used search engine dropdown box keyword to search, which will appear in the bottom of some long tail keyword, and so on the way to the gradual excavation, In addition, we can use the network some of the long tail keyword mining tools to collect, simple and convenient. Well, the author is not in the main, directly on the text.

As we all know, search engines like original content, especially Baidu. So we do long tail keyword at the same time, we must ensure the quality of content, preferably original content, that is the best, because only in this way can better attract spiders to crawl, and then give a good impression.

Of course, a good original content, although important, but also need a good title to carry out the match, then what kind of title is a good title? The following is the author to answer: first, the title must be tightly around the content and customization, and unique in the network, there is no duplication phenomenon, There is just right in the title to add keywords, but do not accumulate keywords, the last is to stand in the user's perspective to write the title, then if you do the above, it is a well-deserved "good title."

In the title of the same time, we can use some tags to highlight keywords, such as H1, H2, bold and so on a series of tags can attract the attention of spiders to carry out around the match. In addition, we can in the content of the article to add some long tail keyword anchor text form to link related pages, but do not accumulate, otherwise it will be search engines as cheating behavior. In addition, we write other long tail keyword content can add other pages long tail keyword to do page and page weight sharing, such a long tail keyword ranking is also very good, in fact, optimize the long tail keyword is not difficult, but is a long-term adherence and process, there are some small skills, and precautions, Then the author and you briefly introduce it.

1, we do content as far as possible to ensure that the number of words in more than 180 bytes, otherwise said to be spiders as spam articles.

2, to the long tail words to make outstanding case, as far as possible not to do a series of other content of the effect, so that spiders will pay more attention to your long tail keyword.

3, in the title of the time, must be concise and prominent, do not accumulate keywords.

4, master the keyword density in the article, do not stack processing, otherwise it will outweigh the gains.

5, strengthen the article and the effective connection within the article, can promote the weight between the content transmission, the long tail keyword ranking is also a great help.

6, in doing content, must be through the end, do not exist typos, wrong sentences and so on.

7, can use the external link to point to the relevant long tail word page, which is called by the "external force" to promote rankings.

8, through the home page or links to links to link some long tail keywords, this method is excellent, but not too much.

9, through RSS subscriptions, network bookmarks, blog forums, and so on all can add anchor text links to the external site to the long Tail keyword page weight sharing.

Summary: Long tail keyword really can bring huge wealth, of course, bring wealth at the same time we also pay a hard sweat, the author is a deep experience. But now the long tail of the keyword market is also very hot, and is expected to do so simple, so that no matter what things must know to adhere to, only then your site will be truly successful, and especially the long tail keyword, this is a long-term work, We must be patient to continue to dig some new long tail words and to optimize, as the author of the site Mood Xuan http://www.qqyjx.com/, the author every day using some tools and their imagination combined to carry out a large number of long tail keyword optimization, The accumulation of the long tail word flow has brought a lot of wealth to the writer. Of course, the author is also paid to harvest, so I hope everyone in this regard as the author of learning, do not peep these long tail words, and attentively to do, time long you will find this wealth far you are unexpected.

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