Looking at the fate of the future of mankind from the valuation of the 12 billion dollar magic Leap

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Summary: The B-round is a 500 million-dollar financing, 12 billion-dollar valuation, such a company itself is very rare, and even more incredible that the company to now have only an ambitious vision and some immature code. Magic leap not only did it, but

The company itself is already rare, and, even more surprisingly, the company is now an ambitious vision and some immature code, with a $500 million trillion financing and 12 billion dollar valuation. Magic Leap has not only done it, but has also succeeded in capturing the big names of venture capital and private equity, such as Google, Qualcomm, Kleiner and Vulcan.

The big old capital gathered a hall, put down heavy money, support a group of unrestrained visionary, rocket Scientist, wizard (language out Magic Leap official website), let a person inconceivable. Kleiner's main partner, Bing Gordon, recently issued a paper on Kleiner's investment logic.

Is the next generation game platform, is the next generation computing platform

Through time and space, it is an early dream, knowing that in the the 1880s, people have the opportunity to interact with the virtual objects in the screen in the game. Even so, until now, all the interaction has not been able to jump out of the two-dimensional world, did not jump out of the middle of the "screen". Virtual reality describes the possibility of fabricating a real world, but at this stage, even for a long time to come, it may just be a virtual linear world without the support of the real world.

People need more in-depth interactive games and gaming platforms. Magic Leap may be possible. In front of a virtual piano, moving fingers, perhaps there is a true "to Alice" came from the desktop, a keyboard, gently tap, perhaps the sky can appear "May the Wind Guide your path."

In the world of magic Leap, my eyes tell me that the world is real, not human, and my brain believes that it is a real dynamic world, and that the ear does not come to reveal the world is fictitious.

Such a technology, naturally not only used in the game, it has a broader application. The more natural human-computer interaction, even the drone interaction, is the most instinctive demand for science and technology. Such a pan-virtual reality device is likely to become the next generation computing platform to help people live in their fantasy world, live, work, communicate, no Shong sense.

New human technology interaction, new "Reality"

In business, Kleiner the value of Magic Leap game platform and computing platform. But as the life of the sea (eating the life of gutter oil, and the heart of Zhongnanhai), the science editor, yesterday, I and my colleague Xiao riding also discussed the next Magic Leap and it represents the future.

Just as Bitcoin lets people rethink money, maybe it's time to think about what "Reality" really is.

What is "Reality"? We translate into reality, physical things, and think that all the entities we perceive can be reality. A single sensory experience cannot create reality. If the future technology is strong enough, we can build a seemingly true "synaesthesia" virtual world with the help of abundant sensors and devices. In this world, the grass in the rain is swinging with the wind and the scent of the Earth, dancing butterfly is you gaze when smile fly, Chopin in your home piano attentively playing Nocturne; machine cat Tinker Bell at any time from the pocket to you out of red bean flavor of the gong to burn, basketball court you can and Hunan together to defeat the king of the National system, On the pitch you can have a 2005-year trophy with Steven Gerrard in Istanbul ... At this time, you can also tell which is the reality, which is fiction?

The Chinese are good at math and are good at making, and in the era of hardware revival, they seem to have a natural advantage. Why are there no subversive, revolutionary products and technologies? In addition to impetuous, perhaps we have a problem with the perception of technology itself. Do not know is accidental or inevitable, many foreign Daniel in the hardware, always from the brain, from the nerves, let these technologies look convoluted, seemingly superfluous behind may be another technology concept. Where technology really cow X is, maybe not as far as what can be achieved, but how to change people's minds.

Since Pascal's time, all the advances in science have been to better define the boundaries between "survival", "Situation" and "consciousness". The characteristic of mankind is to reject the limitation, to ensure that "consciousness" controls the "survival" and "situation", and constantly break through the boundaries that enclose it in space, time and spirit, that is to say, to face infinity bravely. What Magic Leap wants to do is to merge these three, to eliminate these boundaries, to create an infinite world within, and that is the destiny of the future of mankind.

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