Looking at the future of a new movie site from my Feihong Cinema movie Station

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I started to do the site in March 09, although the 02 to learn the ASP programming, then also did an ASP system, but for the school laboratory to do, flash years past, I have been engaged in other industries work, not much understanding of the network, until 09, feel their free time a lot, Idle is also a waste, and began to pay attention to the Internet, began to pick up ASP want to do the site. Read a lot of information on the Internet, just understand stationmaster this field, just know have hao123 legendary story (despise oneself), also at that time only then knew A5, the laggard, Cnzz and so on, really some Americans did not know Washington, the French did not know Napoleon.

For such a new person who seems to know nothing, what to do to stand well? said I do not understand anything, I know some technology, DW, PS, ASP know a little, after all, have learned before, so my small advantage is the technology to understand a little fur, so casually next CMS can quickly a site out, online a search, can also be down to a lot of ready-made source code, in particular, some very good CMS are open source, therefore, the technology seems to be not a problem, even if the issue to the Forum, Baidu to find the answer, but also basic to solve, although the web design is not how, but the next person to make a template, see the source code or know how to revise some The biggest problem is what station? Webmaster friends know that to do the site, the largest flow of people are entertainment sites, movies, games, music, SNS, and so on, I have been specifically looking for the Chinese top100 website, most of the entertainment category, that is, this kind of site, do up to traffic should be very fast, Of course, there is a big problem is to do too many people, the competition is too intense.

No matter how much, anyway idle is also idle, so find the program to do Max (not to Max advertising Oh, because it seems that the ASP is good, PHP I do not understand), the program has, Chip source? earlier film sites were on their own server, remember the 03 when I watch movies, Pay a monthly fee to see a clear good film. Fortunately, this is not a problem in this era, because of peer-to-peer technology, such as qvod such peer-to-peer resources online, and then to learn to collect, the resource network of the film picked up, a few, and soon the film station is done. Then bought the domain name http://www.yeyedy.com, oneself spent a good mind, every night movie (Yeyedy) Good remember domain name, ah, who knows this domain name before by Baidu K, seems to be people to do the color station, depressed. So buy a domain friend must first do the full effort, first check the domain name has no criminal record ah.

The site did a few months, the flow is not large, from dozens of, hundreds of to thousands, spent a good long time, even write to Baidu have tried, only slowly have included, mainly oneself also do not know how to promote, only to several local forum to do a little propaganda, was also doing the mentality of playing, so did not spend thoughts, and then hung point ads, the union's money is very little , the first alliance does not pay, it is really depressing. Until July, Baidu will be my key words in the first, all of a sudden flow over several times, not to mention how happy, but lasts, half a month or so, fell down, and then never on the first page. Through this more than a year of experience, and browsing the experience of others on the internet, Baidu is really too unstable. Baidu recently put my website brush down, included also suddenly fell to only the home page, vomiting blood.

Even more depressing is the end of 09 when policy tightening, a large number of Web sites closed, especially the movie site, we all feel the network of winter so cold. Until now, my movie station also no income, just feel like a chicken ribs, turn off do not do it, I look at the heart, do it, do not know where the future.

1 policy tightening, our small film and television stations will not have a future. Because the record must not pass, without audio-visual license, can be closed at any time.

2 The issue of copyright, can also be closed at any time.

3 Fierce competition, big video stations like Youku, potatoes, Sina, Sohu have their own video programs, and do not need to download 6186.html "> player, let alone high-definition programs." Now Baidu also make video station, CCTV also do video station, Thunder has already had video station. Now to do video stations, you have to burn money, the individual to do film and television stations, can only hide in the corner of survival, it is difficult to win the user.

4 Although now has Qvod, Gvod such player support, but do not know how long to hold. BT has been sealed, VERYCD still struggling.

No matter from the policy, the law, the funds, the individual does not have any foreground to do the film and television station, the new person wants to do the website, or does not choose the movie, the music and so on

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