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Engaged in the web design industry for many years, gradually developed a habit, the new design project to take over the first time to find there is no similar template can be copied; also many design enterprises (small enterprises) will also buy a variety of design templates, directly provided to the Web design personnel plagiarism, The direct disadvantage of this is that many of today's design project costs greatly reduced (the use of direct template to copy project design costs of course), so low price will inevitably lead to low design, low design must adopt a template! This cycle, leading to the current site construction of the industry threshold is getting lower and worse, more and more rotten.

The current network of a large number of design template resources popular, such as the Korean website template, psd layered template, vi design template, and so on; and the template class site traffic and rankings are very large.

In fact, the old Lou think the template is to let people refer to use, understand the advanced design ideas and ideas, the key to see how designers use their own design ideas is the most important, everyone does not like their ideas are always driven by others, so reference good template, looking for creative inspiration and then in their own design, learn the good things inside, is OK.

Or the phrase: Design from inspiration, inspiration from the reference. The use of other people's touch board is a learning process, for me, it is impossible to design every element to do their own, I think you can use each design elements/layers to combine into new things, the key is to use the various elements to be in place. For example, the illustrations on each of my posts are made up of resources in the template, so that you can create a post illustration in a very short time.

When doing a website or a blog, how do you look at the various types of template resources on the Web? (Welcome friends to express their views enthusiastically!)

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