Love the name Net He Jianguo: Success needs to insist, small domain name can also achieve big cause

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He Jianguo, general manager, Hangzhou AI-Name Network Co., Ltd.

Daily business newspaper reporter Wang Jia

Like most of the boys, He Jianguo looks young and cheerful, chatting a few words, can hear his hearty laughter. From the beginning of the university, he "does not work" to study with his professional eight poles can not hit the "domain name", he and many in the internet industry struggling entrepreneurs, with unique vision and wise decision-making, in the industry tide driving their own sailing boat, the wind and waves.

On Baidu Encyclopedia, the domain name is interpreted as: the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet, consisting of a string of dotted names, used to identify the electronic orientation of a computer in data transmission (sometimes referring to geographical location, geographical domain name, Refers to the administrative autonomy of a local area, "M" is the domain name circle "domain name" commonly known. Simply put, the domain name is the website URL.

He Jianguo said, "Domain name" is the IT industry a very small content. But this does not seem to have faded "big boy" appearance of the person, is relying on this small domain name, Leng will "love the name Net" to do the industry one of the status. He said that there is no shortcut to success, only step by step, seize every opportunity.

I started to focus on "domain name" during college

He Jianguo is a Chongqing, college students in Chengdu, a university, the study of mechanical and electronic major. But because this professional emphasis on mechanical class, He Jianguo has been not too fond of, in his words, every test only to pass the good.

In the first few years of 21st century, it was time for China's internet industry to begin its rapid development. Like many of the people who have just come in contact with computers, He Jianguo into the field, finding himself more interested in the IT industry than college majors, and he began to devote much of his energy to learning all kinds of computer knowledge.

1997, when the domain name registration has not formed the industry, the country only a few registrars in the provision of related services. Not to mention investing as much as it is now. He Jianguo did not begin to focus on domain names until 2000. He Jianguo said: "I am more interested in the IT field, so often do their own home page, and later found that the home page needs a domain name, so since then began to focus on domain name registration." ”

After registering some domain name, He Jianguo discovers, originally this small domain name hides the huge business opportunity: "At the beginning is registers to play, did not think this unexpectedly can make money, especially some two or three alphanumeric short domain names." So he started the stage of earning pocket money in the school registration domain. "At that time the domain name is very cheap, spend more than 100 registered domain name can sell to four hundred or five hundred, but put in today that is hundreds of thousands of domain name." He Jianguo smiled and said: "That is to play." ”

After graduating from university, He Jianguo entered a foreign company in Shanghai to carry out software development work. "I've never worked in a professional relationship from beginning to end. "But I've always been very interested in registering for this domain." I will also do some domain registration and sales after work. ”

After working for two years, He Jianguo decided to go back to Chongqing to start his own business and do software-related businesses. "It's really hard to start a business. He Jianguo said that during the start-up period, he has not been concerned about the domain name.

Until 2007, a chance, he once again contacted the "domain name" industry, suddenly found that "domain name" the industry has developed very quickly. "It was 2007, the domain name market developed very well, when some hundreds of of the domain name can be sold to tens of thousands." And there is a very good opportunity, the domestic Internet Information Center to do ' one-yuan domain name ' activities, is 1 yuan can buy a domain name, so the market suddenly broke out. He Jianguo said, it is because of this opportunity, so that the entire industry into the "blowout" state, the market soaring, become unusually hot.

This allows He Jianguo to reopen the study of domain name registration in the market. "A lot of domain names need to ' Rob ', How ' Rob ' will have to rely on ' preemptive ' software." ”

Since engaged in software development, can write procedures, domain name registration process is also very familiar with his own writing "Rush" software is very successful, but also grabbed some good domain name, which makes him a lot of profit. He said: "Make some money, at least eat and drink not worry, but oneself alone in doing, or feel nothing particularly great sense of achievement." ”

The company will be the top five of China's domain registrars

At that time, He Jianguo in the "domain name" in this circle, has begun to have a small reputation. In 2008, Xu Yuandong, a friend who met on the internet, started his business in Hangzhou and was invited by Xu Yuandong to come to Hangzhou from Chongqing.

"At that time we were just a very small company, in the circle is not the number, light ' Expired domain reservation service ' this piece of less than five, let alone from the entire domain name industry. He said that the pattern of the industry had formed, and it was never easy to break through.

For the sake of the company's foothold and development, they first bought a short domain name for the website, renamed "Love Name Net", and set up the brand and direction. On the basis of maintaining the original auction and overdue domain name reservation business, they undertook business development, applied for ICANN qualification of top domain name registrars, and carried out domain name registration business. "That is really the beginning." He Jianguo said, "Although the initial registration volume is not large, only tens of thousands of a year, but now, one months to achieve this figure." ”

Talk about is how step by step big, He Jianguo said, because in the expired Domain name Reservation service This piece of business oneself already is a reputation outside, many people are willing to find his reservation domain name. He also optimized the expired domain registration software, improved the registration success rate, but also attracted a large number of people's attention. Based on this user, they also developed a large number of grassroots users.

Innovation is also a factor in He Jianguo success. Love the network of many businesses, in the country are the first. For example, he made the site a domain name investment and trading platform, both in line with the industry circle rules, but also for the domain name investors to facilitate. He said: "Domain name is also investment goods, as domain name investment and trading platform of domain name registrars, we are currently the best one of the few companies." ”

"In addition to domain name registration business and expired domain Reservation service, we also launched a domain name intermediary and transaction business." He said, in fact, the domain name registration is only the basic business, there are many other pioneering business, such as he made the site into a domain name investment trading platform, both in line with industry rules for the domain name investors to facilitate. This is a very simple function, but there was no company doing this. With this service, also attracted a lot of domain name investors.

He Jianguo told reporters that from 2009 to now, more than five years, the company has been from an industry unknown domain name service providers to do the top five of China's domain registrars. Now manages the domain name surpasses 1.2 million, occupies the entire Chinese domain name 10%.

"Now the good domain name is really expensive, the more rare the more valuable, now the two-digit CN domain name is at least 500,000, two-digit COM domain names are tens." Now, he says, many big companies are willing to buy some domain names at high prices for future projects. If not acquired, the phenomenon of name robbery may occur. When a company is done, his domain name will also enhance the value of the relevant domain name. such as Taobao do so big, now as long as the front is "Amoy" or the End is "treasure", the price went up at once. So always focus on market dynamics.

"Sometimes there will be domain name bidding, such as several people at the same time require a reservation of a domain name, we have a successful booking here, these people will be bidding auction." He Jianguo also said that he has been a collection of several rare domain names.

Only down-to-earth perseverance can succeed

"Hangzhou is now a veritable city of domain names, with a pivotal position." "For the state of Hangzhou's domain name industry, He Jianguo said.

He said that he can do it from a small company, the main thing is to see a hot spot in the market, but also make good use of the policy. This is the two main aspects of their own success, but in the final analysis, still need to adhere to the industry's down-to-earth. "2009 Years of Market rebate plan, according to our business development potential to set, which gave us small and medium-sized registered enterprises in the development of a great help, we also make good use of this policy, made a breakthrough." But the middle of the development process or rely on enterprises down-to-earth and unremitting efforts, especially to do the Internet, the most important thing is to insist. ”

As for what has been achieved, he said: "It may be because I am in the industry every day, the domain name has been a deep understanding of the platform is also very important." But we have been laying the groundwork, the annual profit is also used in the development of market share, for the largest companies, we have been chasing, perhaps in some respects is beyond, but from the entire domain name industry, we have been a catch-up. ”

He Jianguo said that this year's plan is to do a domain name open platform to the domain name as a starting point to form an ecological chain. "Now do the Internet The first thing is to domain name, registered domain name, you can let the service provider access to our domain name, such as host providers can carry out sales, some service content such as Web site construction can also be placed inside, summed up is the domain name as the basis for divergence into an ecological chain." What we do is to use domain name to build this ecological environment. ”

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