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Keywords Master Four Points

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Choose keyword is test seoer an important factor, need to carry on the analysis to the competitor website, include the difficulty of keyword, keyword layout, keyword description, the production of a series of technology of title. Related to site optimization of the degree of difficulty, so the choice of keywords is a relatively advanced technology.

So how to choose the appropriate site keywords?

One, the new station is not suitable for the high difficulty keyword

A lot of webmaster will choose a lot of traffic, but very difficult to do the key words, personally think, the new station is not suitable to do high difficulty keywords, there are several reasons: 1, difficult keywords need a very long time, or some keywords you do not have the opportunity to do the first page. 2, Site Friendship Connection will encounter difficulties, if the keyword selection is difficult, then Baidu weight will be difficult to upgrade, it is difficult to exchange high quality friendship connection. 3, easy to make webmaster negative, if a site has persisted for 1-2 years have no any improvement, I feel that the webmaster will be very few, the appropriate sense of accomplishment will make the webmaster become more passionate. Comprehensive on: Individual or not recommend the choice of difficult keywords.

Second, do not have any search key words

To put it simply, just don't do any keyword without Baidu index, Baidu Index is for the customer search keyword and get out of a search volume, Baidu weight will be in accordance with the number of keywords to allocate, keyword as far as possible in 3-5, so it can be a good keyword weight allocation, if you add a no flow of keywords, will only waste the weight of this keyword. Like this has no competitive pressure keyword, if must do, the website maintenance may consider uses the long tail keyword to achieve the rank.

Third, the analysis of opponents website, to get easy to do index high key words

Description: I have done a site before, rival keywords: stock software, Baidu index 1w+, this keyword difficulty coefficient is very large, but through his flow analysis, found keywords: free stock software Download this keyword index is higher, but do this keyword difficulty coefficient is low n times, I believe, This is the key word I need to do. Each industry has such a keyword, just need to analyze, you can get.

Iv. Extended Keywords

What is an extensibility keyword? Simply put, it is through this keyword can produce countless long tail keyword ranking keyword, called scalability keyword. The keyword is the stock software, but the free stock software downloads the rank is also very good, but the free stock software downloads is called the stock software this keyword extensible keyword. Such keywords tend to produce very many long tail and other other keywords, but often these keywords will now very high index, is a high difficulty keyword, here only to do introduction.

If you can make good use of the above 4 points. I believe that finding the right keywords for their site is not very difficult things, good to analyze and summarize, in the SEO industry has a higher and faster development.

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