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How to improve the weight of the site, many friends may be the first response to the site to add a large number of outside the chain, the chain outside the support to improve the weight of the site, which means why the chain in the middle of the ranking has a very important position, is because of this people are very attached importance to the construction of the site outside the chain, because The site's ranking is the more forward.

We should know that the chain is also the weight of the high and low points, for example, our most commonly used method is to find links, but this link does not have a one-way link weight, and too much of the exchange of links will reduce the power of the site, and one-way link effect will be much better, But one-way link is also to be seen as a link to the weight of the site, if it is his weight higher, then this link to their own site to help the greater, so others often say the chain is not much, but in the essence of the reason.

But the chain is not the only indicator of increased weight, there is the site's collection, of course, the content can also be collected by search engines, but only temporarily, when the search engine found that your page and other previously included pages have the same time will delete your included pages, And such a process will make the search engine more and more distrust you, will directly lead to the right to drop, only your page is considered to be unique and is targeted! You will not be very trusting, which is why the site needs original content.

Have a good outside the chain, also has the original page, but also need a large web site to link the various pages criss-cross, also make each link is valuable, is targeted links, this is what everyone said the site's inner chain, a good internal link structure to improve the weight of the site also has a very big help.

Another is the site itself frame structure, the code to streamline, stable site space, access speed, of course, this access speed and your page size is also related, so the size of the page can be small but small, search engines not only like such a page, your users are more so.

So to say: High-quality outside chain (one-way link best), the site's collection, the uniqueness of the page, but also have good site structure layout, link layout, beautiful and unique interface of the Web site. Finally, the most important thing is time, this lasted longer, the search engine on your trust will be higher, so a site has the length of time, but also judge the weight of an index, do the site ranking itself is a process of accumulation, only with a good mentality of the people will be farther.

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