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After creating the first domestic Domain name festival, China's largest domain name registration service provider in August launched the second quarter of the Domain name festival. By the Olympic Games in London, the name of the east wind again hot market, Isling, ye poetry, Lin Linlin and other domestic Olympic athletes name domain names are registered, only the Lin Linlin of the entire domain name was bid 50,000 yuan. and million network is the reverse road, the name Domain name of the registration fee to the lowest 8 yuan/year.

"In the domain name registration fee gives the user the preferential treatment, mainly is in order to accelerate the domestic name domain to popularize and the user cognition." In addition, the million network will further promote the domain name industry-related knowledge transmission, so that more people understand the value behind the domain name. "Million Nets vice President Yingqiao Bridge said, the former domain name transfer procedures, coupled with the market some of the domain name registrars suspected of illegal operation, for users to transfer the domain name set layer" barrier ", so many users of the problem of domain name transfer has many doubts.

Doubt one: domain name turn out to pay handling fee?

Mr Li, who has just transferred his domain name to a net, said that he had initially bought a company's. com domain name in a local registry, but later found that the company did not have any after-sales service and domain name security, so after six months to transfer out. But in the domain name transfer out of the process, the other side received his 50 yuan of handling fees, will be willing to transfer the domain name to him. And he spent a total of more than 30 days, before the domain name successfully transferred out, time-consuming and laborious.

Yingqiao Bridge says there are indeed some domain registrars holding the domain name owner of the "Domain name transfer password", set up a variety of conditions (such as: fees, renewals for a year to the password, etc.) to improve the domain name owners to obtain "Domain name transfer password" difficulty, or even to prevent users from free domain name.

But in fact, the domain name transfer fee is unreasonable, and according to the global Internet address and name distribution Agency (ICANN), China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) of the corresponding terms, each domain name provider registration is obligated to the domain name transfer password to the domain name registrant. To million nets as an example, in the domain name transfer process, fully respect the customer's own wishes, do not charge any fees, million network in the identification of each other, the first time will transfer code to the user, and users can complete the online domain name transfer operation.

Therefore, when the user encounters a domain name registrar does not provide domain name transfer password or a variety of interference, if it is an international domain name, you can complain through the ICANN Domain name registrar, obtain the domain name transfer password. If is the domestic domain name, also may through cnnic to carry on the complaint and the report.

Doubt two: Know user management password can move the domain name casually?

A few years ago hit domain name hijacked event, it is the hacker obtained domain name management password directly tampered with the domain name DNS, resulting in the domain name resolution after the site can not be accessed. This is to a certain extent, because the domain name itself set the security protection mechanism is not perfect caused. The domain name is the portal of the website, is the important Internet asset, the domain name security is especially important. At present, many domain name registrars in the market do not set up a perfect security service system, plus some user domain password settings weak or inadvertently leaked, the domain name was maliciously hijacked or malicious turn out events occur frequently.

In view of this situation, million network in the industry's first to provide a series of domain name security lock services, including from registrars to the registry level of domain name DNS lock, domain name registration information lock, domain name to turn out the lock and other multi-level protection measures and the key behavior of automatic reminder mechanism, these measures for the domain name provides a higher level, More ways of security, for users of important domain recommendations should choose a similar security services, so even the user management password "This door key" inadvertently lost, the domain name itself there are still several security lock "safe" protection, hackers want to arbitrarily move domain name is also difficult.

Doubt three: Domain name transfer abroad more secure?

Many users will be superstitious foreign domain name registrars more secure, so frequently their own domain name transferred abroad. But in fact, if your domain name is managed by foreign registrars, later after-sales service is not only difficult to guarantee, but also more easily because of regional problems or natural and man-made disasters and encounter security problems. is still hijacked as an example, when the domain Name Service provider is an American company, the hijacking of its service response speed is also leading to runaway domain name for more than 10 hours long.

In fact, the domestic service level of domain name, security and technical level has been no less than foreign service providers. For example, in addition to the first domain name information security lock, but also in the country to take the lead in the introduction of free Domain name examination, free Domain name privacy protection, such as series of value-added products, can effectively avoid hackers through the query domain name registration information and easily find the target e-mail address invasion, or fake identity names and These measures have greatly reduced the domain name by malicious hijacking, malicious turn out of the possibility of events, and effectively protect the domain name of all-round security.

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