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I have discussed with you before, the procedure is not good or bad, choose a familiar with their own.

It is for this reason that I chose WordPress as open and extensible as the platform for most of my websites. WordPress has a very important feature, some similar to the "same Linux core + different support outsourcing = different Linux distribution" Look, that is, "WordPress core + plugin + theme = completely different sites," all based on the WordPress platform site, All based on WP core architecture, but through different plug-ins and themes to achieve different Web site applications, can be a blog, can be CMS, even the forum.

It is based on this feature, we use WordPress, sometimes in a variety of reasons, need to change the theme.

But this is a big problem for SEO: Different subject code may be very large, resulting in a major change to the site after the replacement of the theme. This is very unfavorable to SEO!

Is there any way to solve the problem? The answer is yes, that is to try to use the same producer's theme.

Because the code habits of different programmers may vary widely, but the same person's writing is always similar, like a person's handwriting, although the written word is different, but the style is very similar.

For programmers, it's customary to use the same approach (probably his most skilled) to do the same thing in different projects.

For example, we have a revision of the site, such as the color of the navigation bar from White (#FFFFFF), into a red (#FF0000), for us, is a great change, but for the search engine, but it is no different; but for the site's split line, I can use the code, also can use the picture, can even use the space between block and block to express, this is not different for the visitor, but for the search engine, is very big change.

Therefore, for the same programmer to produce a theme, even if it looks very different, but the code structure may be very similar. This is very advantageous for SEO after we change the theme.

The above point of view, not only for WordPress, for other, similar to the use of WP, "WordPress core + plugin + theme = completely different Web site" framework of the program, are applicable.

Therefore, I suggest you, if you need to make a revision of the site, may wish to consider my point of view.

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