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New edition of "Shui Hu" still play next August premiere four satellite TV buy premiere rights or when "garlic" open investment will or to create a matching variety show this newspaper (reporter Niumeng), "The margin" will be in Shandong next August 2, Anhui, the east, Chongqing four major satellite TV premiere, as next year one of the most important drama,  The play has become the TV station and advertisers eyes of the "sweet Cakes," the reporter recently found that the play advertising price will be more than the new "Three Kingdoms" and the new "dream of Red Mansions." From four satellite TV, in the past, less procurement "sky-high" big play Shandong TV station, this time in the procurement, publicity to invest in "generous." Shandong TV drama purchasing director to reporters that "water Margin" the original story of the background in Shandong, the main scene of the play is also in Shandong, Shandong provincial government to "water margin" as a whole cultural industry project, so Shandong TV not only snapped up the new "Water Margin" the first round of broadcasting rights,  and participated in the play's investment. It is reported that Shandong Satellite TV in the new "Outlaws of the Marsh" shooting and publicity resources are spared, so aroused the unprecedented attention of advertisers. "The new" water margin will be the November we will advertise the most important, advertising prices than the average TV series to many times, from the current advertising momentum, the new "water margin" will certainly bring profits to the TV station.  said the person in charge. And the big play of Anhui TV in the publicity and advertising investment in the introduction of new tricks.  Anhui TV Advertising Center director Chadaucun told reporters, in the past, TV series title, spot ads are "So-and-so Theater" in the form of unified packaging sales, few advertisers for a single TV to put ads, but this time Anhui television to the new "Water Margin" as a "single head garlic", specifically for its holding an advertising investment meeting. Chadaucun said, although the advertising investment activities have not started, but there are many customers "earshot", want to buy out the new "water Margin" of the broadcast period, some advertisers can even reach tens of millions of bids. "I estimate that the total revenue generated by the new water margin will be more than 30% of the new dream of Red Mansions, reaching 130 million."  "he said. Oriental TV has always been very enthusiastic about snapping up big dramas, but this time for the new "Water Margin" is also an unprecedented attention.  Oriental TV director Tianming told reporters that Oriental TV will combine the advantages of homemade programs, around the new "water Margin" to create a batch of self-made variety show, to attract advertisers.  As for Anhui TV, for the new "Water Margin" alone advertising tender, Tianming said that the current Oriental TV has not decided, "we are with many advertisers, we will also consider the advertising operation system innovation, in short, the new" Water Margin "market response will certainly be very good.  Chongqing satellite TV propaganda director said, the new "water margin" propaganda cycle has not been launched, but the current television is brewing a set of publicity plans to continue the new "Three Kingdoms" for Chongqing satellite TV brought influence, the play's market response should not be lost to the new "Three Kingdoms." New《Water Margin, the total investment of more than 450 million, the current first-round price has not been announced. According to our correspondent understand that the first round of the total price may be 1.5 million yuan/set, and the new "Three Kingdoms" 1.6 million yuan/set of price difference is not too much.
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