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My Site build station around four months like this! At the beginning of this aspect of the site I still do not understand, do not understand the question to understand the friend! But professional to do SEO friends they are relying on this to eat, so the general they are impossible and you said in detail! Improve the flow of a better way is the first to improve the external link is to other sites more High-profile site posting posts such as to a large portal to send some stories! The news also has that kind of classified information website can send 1 more but the best one website sends an article! Don't send too much! If the words within one weeks have not been included in Baidu, then you are going to send a! But do not have a part of the speech too much! A lot of hair will be deleted! In addition, when the forum hair is better to send a rich content of the article or something with your website address or something! 千万不要一味的发广告性质的贴子那样也会被删除!就等于白忙了!只要大家把上面几点做好了外部链接可以让你的网站提高一些访问量和流量但是也不能全靠这个来!还要你的网站内容要丰富!你自己的网站什么都没有!别人近来了下次就不会来了 ! At the very least ensure that you can update 5 to 10 new information every day! News only class articles what's the 1 only yes you make sure to update your website content every day Baidu and GG will go to your website to crawl your update 1 so the traffic and traffic will certainly come up! My site is to do real estate site now visit the amount of about 3000 IP per day around 1000!

Another key words you see Baidu key words are more popular those key words are not very popular! Put your website key words on top but not too much! To write the essence!

For example, I am a real estate network! Hot keywords: nanjing rental, Nanjing Real Estate,

I write Nanjing rental, Nanjing Real estate, Nanjing Real estate leasing, real estate trading, property transactions, housing rental-Nanjing Easy Room Network

Easy Room Network to provide the latest in Nanjing, the most complete real estate news, new properties, short-term housing, and office buildings, and villas, welcome to visit the Easy Room network,

Yi Room Network to create the largest and most complete in Nanjing real estate information trading Platform!


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