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How to register a good domain name are some novice and veteran worry about the problem, today to talk about how to register a good domain name!

In the previous tradition like good domain name impression is short, in 2003 I was still a student when want to register a few domain names, at that time because the technology is not and the body is underfunded! has been dragged, and then to other companies registered, but also became the first local portal, cough! Although the previous CN domain name is very expensive, But now look back and regret it! That domain name is ***.cn I don't say that domain name, think of formerly good domain name is true more, now 2009 years 6 years, the number of growth of the webmaster, big and small everywhere, now also want to register 3 or 4-digit domain name is very difficult, and do not say is registered to remember the domain name, But in the face of such a reality, how do we register a good domain name?

First: The number of digits should not be too long bar (with special significance except), think about it, if you will deliberately to remember a more difficult website than the back of English words!

Second: Registered domain name as far as possible to avoid the number and English also-together, a domain name preferably with pure numbers or pure letters, of course, such as hao123 domain name is good, but you can consider your visit to the site is directly input letters or numbers good! or input mixing good, but there is a special meaning will not say to avoid saliva.

Three: Now register the domain name is many Ah! There are 1 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan domain name, how to choose? I have thought about it, my personality! COM still like the feeling of the boss. COM's price is also very popular around 100 yuan, another point of view in China rarely see no COM large websites. Of course, if other like cn,net, have good and fit their own don't miss.

Four: Like the current rice merchants are many are registered to put up for sale, those domain names in their own and the price is suitable for the situation can be traded, but pay attention to it! Beware of liars.

Five: the best registered domain name a little meaning, the concept of the meaning of your own, because the world is turning, thinking is changing so this is not much to say.

Just write less! There may be a lot of high man in P this article, the novice himself to see it! See more things, more understanding, more search, learn more, ask. Under AD: My station

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