Old domain name or new domain name to choose domain name can not be one-sided consideration

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Do a simple site, want to make the site has a good ranking is very difficult, so the magic of SEO this type of work has become a required webmaster industry a subject. When it comes to rankings, you'll also mention a word that's always on the tip of your tongue: site weight, the weight of the site has become a decision site performance of the key elements, including a lot of content: original content, high-quality outside the chain, reasonable structure, and so on, of course, here also have to say that another is often involved in something: the old domain name. A lot of articles are mentioned old domain name because the registration time is long, in search engine has good performance, so many new contact SEO people are willing to take their former registered domain name, acquisition of other people's domain name and the old domain name, but old domain name application is not because old is good, Today we are going to talk about the choice of new and old domain names and the matters which should be noted.

One: The old domain name can indeed provide a helping hand to the website weight

From the new old domain name, the old domain name indeed because of the age of registration has a certain advantage, because the search engine in the site, according to the general saying, the longer the domain name is more credible, because just registered domain name poor performance, instability, is likely to be a temporary enthusiasm and not lasting, especially when the CN domain Name 1 yuan registration, Many stationmaster or not stationmaster all registers the cheap domain name, has sprung up a large number of new sites, these sites either do casually, soon closes, or the content is not healthy, anyway the cost is low, once let the search engine to these cheap new domain name greatly lengthened the inspection time. On the contrary, the old domain name is very long, the search engine seems to know domain name registration so long, will not be casually amateurs, the inspection period is very short.

Second: The old domain name to go back to do the history of the station

But the old domain name must be good? Of course not, the old domain name if it is their own registration, to understand the history of its development is good, for example, did not do the garbage station, has not been k, before what the theme. But to rush in and buy old domain names, you hardly know their previous experience, I bought a registration for up to 7 years old domain name, did the site has been poor performance, and then the seller told me this domain name because of a variety of reasons have been Baidu K two times, in my purchase to the first two months still in the state of K, Sellers also feel that this domain name is not expected to give up after the sale. Other circumstances such as the original seller of the site and you bought after the site to engage in a completely different content, and even had to change the site of the theme of n sites, such a situation will be good performance in search engines?

Three: The new domain name must be bad?

Many pursuit of SEO effect of the webmaster will work to achieve the ultimate, of which there are many to do the station only with the old domain name, not the old domain name, is not the new domain name is useless? I personally think that this is biased, how many new registered domain name appears every year? In fact, the new domain name History of innocence, their own methodical to do, everything in control.

How to use and choose New and old domain names

Above said so much, may some people already mind enlightenment, since the old domain name has its disadvantage, the new domain name has its advantages, how I choose, the following I choose the new and old domain name of the main points to give you a few tips:

1: The old domain name to be clear whether it has been the search engine K past history, if there is K especially recently try not to use;

2: The old domain name to understand its standing history, the best before the theme as far as possible and you buy to engage in the theme do not deviate too much;

3: The old domain name for the station history we must know whether to engage in undesirable content, the edge of the content, if there is as far as possible not to choose;

4: The new registered domain name is also best on the Internet to inquire about its history, previously registered in what content;

5: The new registered domain name in accordance with the general saying, you can register for several years, to obtain search engine recognition, will not be classified and amateurs class.

Read this content, do not know whether you are using the new and old domain name in the mind has a rough outline, I believe that the attention of all aspects, we will not happen to buy by K domain name, or the use of domain name after the poor performance of the situation, while the new domain name is clean, low price, is the budget of a friend's choice of less, Save for the old domain name of a large amount of money, such as my Huai ' an Talent network (http://www.habole.com) is a new domain name, their own ease.

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